Monday, June 10, 2013

Suddenly on the Move: Ropes, Separation, Tear

Of the books I published last year, there is one book I rarely talk about, even though putting it together was a labor of love. It is a collection of my father's poetry, in the original Hebrew, available only in print. Why don't I mention it? Because I find it hard to target these exotic readers: Hebrew speaking people who are also poetry lovers. But somehow, even with no promotion, it has started to be on the move. Three paperback editions have sold last week alone, which I attribute to one thing: word of mouth. 

My father's poetry, which he wrote in the last two decades of his life and never shared with anyone, resonates deeply with me. It comes from a place of pain, but in addition he would add a touch of humor or sarcasm. If you belong to the exotic few, please take a look at the book. It is beautiful and the writing is exquisite.

Inspired by poetry? And, can you read Hebrew?
Get this book:
Ropes, Separation, Tear (Hebrew edition)

Wish to read it in English?
Get this book:

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