Monday, June 29, 2015

Writing style shaped as lasagna

Michelle Bellon is a young yet prolific author, whose books, Embracing Me, Embracing YouRogue Alliance, and her latest, The Fire Within, are thrilling to read. She graciously invited me for a chat on her blog. One of her questions was, "Describe your writing style," To which I replied, "I would describe my writing style as layered, much like Lasagna, with each layer having a different flavor and a different texture that complements the entire dish. How do I achieve this? The process, for me, is very similar to the way I sculpt: I shape the clay, then go around the unfinished piece and view it from an unexpected direction, in various lights, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night, so as to achieve an effect that works well for me. Similarly when I write--"

To read more, please check out our chat, which she titled, 

One of my favorite authors, Uvi Poznansky: An Interview

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