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  1. Uvi, here's the new link for The Unholy - - thanks for your posts :)

  2. Hi,
    Thought this would be appreciated @ It is a collection of images and digital artwork connected to ideas like Arborsmithing and the FabTreeHab or Fabricated Tree Habitat. Working on an associated story looking to collaborate with vegan writers and illustrators. Thinking on adding a edible ecosystem section. Also looking for funding for the project…


    Anthony Crain

    Ps. Looking for bioluminescent like beings and mushroom complexes.

    Pss. Trees produce chemicals called phytoncides that reduce inflammation, calm, revive and refresh sometimes dramatically where 10% increases in urban tree canopy correlate with 12-15% reductions in crime and 30% reductions in violent crime. Community gardens had similar effects.

    Psss. The Kayapo of the Brazilian Amazon plant their food forests within the greater forest without cutting down trees by carrying satchels with seeds of all their food plants and planting these seeds as they relieve themselves walking along their forest paths. A program in Fort Worth, Texas is now paying their homeless to plant trees