Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is a sweet moment for me, and a sad one too

So exciting! Producing the audiobook edition of A Peek at Bathsheba is quickly coming to its completion! This is a sweet moment for me, and a sad one too, because I would miss working with my wonderful narrator, Justin Harmer, who has truly become David, and every one of his wives and enemies. 

I will post more about the process of creative collaboration between us in coming days. To learn more about him, click here: About Justin HarmerMeanwhile I am hard at work, doing the graphic design for the audiobook cover. Here is the problem, maybe you can help me figure it out: how do I come up with a great cover, one that balances the following pieces of information, one that will do it without clutter, even though each one of them has quite a number of letters:

  • Author name: yours truly. 
  • Narrator's Name: most audiobook covers do not even mention the narrator, but I like to give credit where credit is due! 
  • Series name: since this is a trilogy, I would love to display its name for all three volumes, uniting them under the same theme.
  • Book title: A Peek at Bathsheba.

The audiobook will be ready just in time for the holidays. Can you wait? I know I can't!

 ★ Love giving gifts? Give the trilogy 

Volume I: Rise to Power
EbookKindle  Nook  Apple ★ Kobo  Smashwords
PaperbackAmazon ★ Barnes&Noble
AudiobookiTunes ★ Amazon  Audible

Volume II: A Peek at Bathsheba
EbookKindle  Nook  Apple  Kobo  Smashwords
PaperbackAmazon  Barnes&Noble
AudiobookiTunes ★ Amazon ★ Audible

Volume III: The Edge of Revolt
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Paperback Amazon  Barnes&Noble
AudiobookAmazon  Audible  iTunes

The complete trilogy:
The David Chronicles (Boxed Set) 
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A Favorite Son
EbookKindle  Nook ★ Apple  Kobo ★ Smashwords
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"She writes with exquisite prose and elegant style, 
yet delivers piercing truth and insights into the human psyche on the way. 
A wonderful read."

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