Monday, July 27, 2015

A huge spike of interest

This month shows a HUGE spike in traffic to this blog, expressed as the number of visits. Here is the traffic chart since the inception of this blog, check it out:

So you can see that two and three months ago there were a little over 25,00 visits per month, but now... this month is simply stellar, I have to wipe my eyes in astonishment: During the month of August there were just over 49,633 visits! I am so grateful to you for coming here to share in my thoughts.

And here are two additional graphs showing audiobook sales. The first is for sales of the audiobook edition of Rise to Power. You can see that the sales are gathering steam, as the points of sale become more and more frequent as time goes on:

And the second graph is for sales of the audiobook edition of A Peek at Bathsheba. Even though this is a 'younger' audiobook you can already see the same trend, with sales getting more frequent as time goes on.

Because both books belong to a series, The David Chronicles, the sales for one book spur sales for the other, a bit later in time.

So I want to thank you so much for coming to this blog to read about my work and the wonderful narration of all my books. You have the power to bring them to the attention of more readers. Please tell a friend about them and invite them to come read my blog!

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