Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Interesting Addition to a Familiar Tale

Just found this great review by Top 100 reviewer Dee Arr for my novella, A Favorite Son:

This is a variation of a Bible story, fleshed out and with full rein given to various degrees of motivation. Author Uvi Poznansky tells the story of Jacob and Esau in a modern setting, allowing her to bring a new awareness to the thoughts and reasoning of Jacob (Yankle in Ms. Poznansky’s tale). Diving into the inner workings of a character’s mind is one of the author’s strengths.

The story is a mixture of the story we are familiar with coupled with enough indications for us to know this is a modern tale (automobile and Rolls Royce being two of the many clues provided). Updating the story to present times allows the author the ability to inject her own voice, permitting a deeper look into the internal issues that can plague a family. The jump from a few passages to a novella provided a quick and interesting read. Five stars.

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