Monday, November 21, 2022

I turn to run away, when—with a clap—he lays a hand on my wrist. I yank it away, but can’t escape him

In his fury, Kabir is much faster than me. Getting out of his den, he overtakes me before I can get back to Karishma. 

Meanwhile, a resounding din arises from the kitchen. She must have thrown some plates at the floor to draw his attention away from me. The distraction works, for a moment. He runs over to her and with a hard fist, knocks her out. There’s a faint thump as her body hits the floor.  

I turn to run away, when—with a clap—he lays a hand on my wrist. 

I yank it away, but can’t escape him. With another step, Kabir locks me in his arms. His breath is at the back of my neck, fuming. 

Then, for just a bit, he seems to soften. I detest the feel of his lips on me, nibbling at my earlobe, exploring. 

With waning strength, I wiggle left and right to get away from the hateful touch. But despite my resistance, his tongue comes at me, pressing, pushing, licking around—until, at last, it finds my wound.

That’s when Kabir starts talking, between bouts of insane laughter. “Ash, I saved your life! Every cell in your body is breathing thanks to me. You know that, right?”

I struggle to release myself, to no avail.

“Oh,” he grumbles, “what an ingrate you are! That surveillance device served a medical purpose. It allowed me to monitor your progress, for your sake and for science! Stupid woman, how dare you cut out what I put in? And you thought I wouldn’t find out?”

In utter distress, I resort to pretense. “Please, Dr. Patel. How could I even guess it was you who put it there?” 

His grip tightens.

So I cry, “Come on, Neil! Had I known, I wouldn’t have taken it out!”

He grabs the flask of wine from the dining table in one hand and drags me away with the other, back into his den and then, through a small door, to the exam room. 

I loop my fingers around the doorpost, clasping, grasping at anything to sink my nails into so as to slow him down as he carries me off. But other than a long scratch across this wall and the next one, all this flailing about amounts to nothing. He does with me as he pleases. It’s more than horrific. It’s humbling.

Kabir sets me up on top of the exam table, where the familiar roll of paper starts rustling maddeningly under me. 

I’m living a nightmare.

“Let’s have a little toast, shall we?” His tone is sinister. “To a fun evening ahead of us!”

Ash Suspense Thrillers: Trilogy

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