Monday, January 14, 2019

A Page Turner!

Born in Oakland, CA, Kathy Parsons has been an independent piano teacher since early 1981. Kathy is also a Top 1000 Reviewer. Shelived in the San Francisco Bay Area until mid-2007 when she relocated to Florence, OR (on the central Oregon Coast). She continues to teach locally and via the internet in addition to reviewing many recordings and interviewing artists for her website,, and editing new sheet music. I am honored to find her review of my suspense thriller, Virtually Lace:

January 14, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition

Virtually Lace is the first book released in a new series by best-selling and award-winning author Uvi Poznansky. When she asked if I would read and review this book, I saw that it is Book 2 in a series called “Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance.” I was surprised that I had missed Book 1 and asked if I should read that first. I was told that Book 1 will actually follow Book 2 in about a month (February 2019). Even more interesting is that Ms. Poznansky said that sometimes she becomes so intrigued by one of her characters that she decides to explore that character’s past even if it wasn’t in the original plan. No wonder her characters are so vivid and believable!

The previous series of books by Uvi Poznansky that I have read were Still Life with Memories (6 volumes) and The David Chronicles (9 volumes, including collections of artwork based on the historical context of the books). Both series were steeped in history and well-researched. Virtually Lace is much more of a murder-mystery, but virtual reality plays a big part in the plot and gives references to where that technology is right now and possibly where it is headed. To be honest, that’s almost as scary as the murder and suspense of the plot, but it would be an amazing tool to be able reconstruct events and see what really happened by applying VR. More importantly, the main characters are very well developed and vivid, making this book a real page-turner. I can’t wait to read Book 1!

Virtually Lace: the audiobook edition is out!

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(Volume II of Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance)
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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

No less of a magical journey into a magical past


Aurora Dawn

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Why I Did It - Jacob vs Esau 

Overall  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed: 12-30-18

In this story, Poznansky tackles the biblical story of Issac's sons in the form of a frank, first person recollection on the event from a much older Yankle (Jacob). The author expertly portrays a dysfunctional family where the bitter rivalry between a pair of twins and their parents favoritism is so great that we can easily believe and even sympathize with Yankle's plotting to steal his brother's birthright by deceiving his dying father.
Like so much of the Old Testament, this is a story of brutal people who were jealous, conniving and dishonest (and those were the good guys), but in this version of the story, told in modern, colloquial language, we are given insights that helps us to imagine what it might have been like to have been that younger brother and just how the events that are laid out in the Bible as facts, without much explanation, might have come to happen.
Poznansky's stories are always a delight to experience, whether in the written or the audio versions and this one, though a little shorter than most, was no less of a magical journey into a magical past. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

On the threshold of where I grew up


About a year ago I sifted through the contents of my suitcase, and was just about to discard a letter, which my father had written to me some time ago. Almost by accident my eye caught the line, I have no one to blame for all this but myself, which I had never noticed before, because it was written in an odd way, as if it were a secret code, almost: upside down, in the bottom margin of the page, with barely a space to allow any breathing. 
The words left some impression in my memory. I almost wished he were next to me, so I could not only listen to him, but also record his voice saying that. 
I imagined him back home, leaning over his desk, scrawling each letter with the finest of his pens with great care, as if focusing through a thick magnifying glass. The writing was truly minute, as if he had hated giving away even the slightest hint to a riddle I should have been able to solve on my own. I detested him for that. And so, thinking him unable to open his heart to me, I could never bring myself to write back. In hindsight, that may have been a mistake. 
Even so, I am only too happy to agree with him: the blame for what happened in our family is his. Entirely his. If not for his actions ten years ago, I would never have run away to Firenze, to Rome, to Tel Aviv. And if not for his actions a couple of weeks ago, this frantic call for me to come back and see him would never have been made. 
And so I find myself standing here, on the threshold of where I grew up, feeling utterly awkward. I knock, and a stranger opens the door. The first thing that comes to mind: what is she doing here? The second thing: she is young, much too young for him. The third: her hair. Red. 

Ben in Apart From Love 

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So much more could be said about the manner in which the author brings understanding to the hierarchies of relationships, but that would be robbing the reader of the joy of discoveries that Poznanasky accomplishes in this profound novel. 
-Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

I wished I could find my way back into that circle

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The sun scorched overhead, beating upon the steep, rocky slopes. I hesitated. I looked back. The peaks of the tents had shrunk away. A short time later, they disappeared completely from view. 
The notion of asking my brother—no, begging him—to forgive me, crossed my mind. I thought of retracing my footprints and perhaps, finding my way back home, only to realize, by nightfall, that those footprints had led me astray. 
I must have been walking around in circles that entire day, which made me feel helpless. I thought that in the future, if I was lucky enough to have one, I could never become more helpless than this. How wrong was I then! 
Now I laid down under some wilted bushes, using a rock for a pillow. So miserably disgraced, so alone was I, that I wished to bury myself right there in the sand. A great blackness yawned upon me. It was like no other night sky I had ever seen before. 
Back home, I remembered, it would be lit up by the campfire, around which the family would gather for the evening meal. The faces of the young girls, sitting with their skirts spread on the woven mat, would blush. You could see their cheeks flaming as they giggled, hinting at the shepherds, who would rise up then, stand in a loop and play their flutes, made out of reeds, or strum their stringed instruments, made out of sheep sinews. 
The blaze of the fire would be mirrored in my father’s eyes, and looking at him, you could barely believe he was going blind. His rich voice would lead us in songs, which turned, gradually, into wordless melodies, as the wine cask was passed from one hand to another, making its way several times around the fire.
At bedtime you could spot, through the canvas of your tent, the glitter of my mother’s candlelight. Her soft, charming voice would bid goodnight to you, goodnight to all. 
Then, from the maidservant’s quarters, you could hear the gurgle of a baby, falling asleep on his mother’s breast. And later, the whispers of love making from one tent, then another, followed by peaceful rhythms of breathing. All around you, men and women stirring, from time to time, in their sleep. 
The glow of this memory was as tempting and as fanciful as delusion. I ached for warmth, and wished I could leap, somehow, over time and distance, and find my way back into that circle. I wished I could sit there by the fire pit, and stretch out my hands, even blacken them by touching the dying embers. 
Now in this place, the moonless sky was completely devoid of light, and for the first time in my life I was forced to listen, really listen, to the desert. 
Here was the void. The silence of God.

Jacob in A Favorite Son

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She opens the old story to be instead a lively psychological study of family and of greed and longing for paternal love and more. It works spectacularly well." 
- Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer

Friday, January 4, 2019

Trouble, that’s my middle name

So later, while sticking the key in the door, I turned to him and said, “Trouble, that’s my middle name,” which was a line I used sometimes, ‘cause it sounded so clever. 
“No, really?” he said. 
To which I replied by asking, “What, you think it’s a crime? Like, kissing me, I mean?” And he said, “It’s just... I do not want to start something which can lead nowhere, really.”
What could I say to that, except, “There’s no one home. Stay a minute. Is that a crime, too?” 
I handed him an old record, something slow from the sixties, which years ago used to bring tears to ma’s eyes, because—in spite of looking so tough—she still had a soft spot somewhere in her, even if most of the time you can’t find it. She used to play it often—but now not so much no more. 
So I thought he might like it. Lenny put it on the record player, so in a second the mood was better, even though the thing squeaked from time to time. 
He turned to me the minute I untied my pony tail, and told me I reminded him of a girl he used to know, and would I like to dance. 
I stepped out of my shoes and into his arms, and before he could say anything I slipped out of my dress, too. I thought I looked, like, a little too slender in my panties, so I told him to close his eyes—but at this point, because of being so aroused, and trying so hard not to show it, I forgot all about them tissues at each side of my bra, which now and again, made a slight swoosh. 
Later I wondered if he wondered about that.
I rose to the tips of my toes, feeling the touch of his shirt and the pleat of his pants, right against my bare skin. And I placed my hands on his shoulders, and felt his hands on my hips. 
And so he held me there, a long, long time in the dark. And me, I got to touch his lips, and that crease up there, on his forehead, and we swayed back and forth: I clinging to him, he—to that one girl, the girl he used to know.
Then he moved away abruptly, saying that he was too old for me, and anyway, what was he doing, he had a child, a boy just a year older than me. So I took a step closer, like, to close the gap again. And feeling lost, like a stray kitten out in the cold, I said, “Just hold me, Lenny. Just hold me tight. I need you so bad.” 
And the minute I said it, I knew he needed to hear these words, needed to know that he was really needed.  

Anita in Apart from Love

★ Love reading? Treat yourself to a family saga ★
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"There is an air of mystery about the book that runs from the beginning to the final pages, but that also draws the reader in and makes the book difficult to put down." 
- Kathy Parsons, Top 1000 Reviewer