Sunday, January 22, 2017

A tour de force as D-day approaches

I'm thrilled to find this review for my Historical Fiction, Romantic Suspense novel, Dancing with Air:

on January 22, 2017
I love Uvi Poznansky's writing, the emotion in the white spaces when she writes, her ability to evoke unique personalities and make you care. In this exquisite piece, during the months before D-day, a US Marine and a concert pianist use London as the backdrop for a personal drama playing out amid the fast-paced history of those tumultuous days. I loved the match of the narrator to the story, the way the narrator used his voice to evoke the period, the characters, and the underlying angst of love while the world might be ending. This Uvi Poznansky book easily stands alone, a testament to the author's brilliance, enhanced by the occasional single piano note, poem or song or both rendered vocally by Warrick, who manages to make a Marine vulnerable. Lenny, the Marine, and Natasha, the concert pianist, so completely captivate us that we feel as if we're living in those fated times as Lenny's job is to sow disinformation about the invasion plans. From the sidecar of Lenny's Harley, to the Straits of Dover, no moment is lacking in poignancy, courage, or hope.

If you've not read Poznansky, do start now. Be one of the first to discover a plucker of heartstrings who can transplant you in time and place.

Have you ever kissed a man before? Where’s the passion?

Charity quietly chuckled. She enjoyed their constant trading of playful insults every morning but the fun was over once they were on the set. Christopher ran a tight ship, and everyone was too intimidated to do anything but what he demanded, much less be able to enjoy their work. Charity was relieved to discover the first kiss scene was scheduled first. With that out of the way, Johnny wouldn’t be subjected to spending a day of watching her kiss another man. 
She wasn’t surprised when Christopher hated her performance. She had been hoping against all hope they would be able to get the scene done in one take, but just as David leaned in, and she stood on her tiptoes to meet his lips, Christopher’s voice rang out loud and clear. “Cut! Stop. Just stop.”
He rushed across the set toward them. David’s hand was still resting on Charity’s shoulder. He squeezed and mouthed, ‘it will be okay’. He dropped his hand and turned to face Christopher. He inhaled deeply before asking, “What’s wrong? I thought it went well.”
Christopher stopped just inches short of Charity and glared directly at her. He ignored David completely. “Have you ever kissed a man before? Where’s the passion? This is the most romantic scene in the entire movie, and I have a wooden statue on my set doing the scene. I need real life passion. Do you think you can dig up just the least little bit of emotion, somewhere, out of that stone face of yours?”
When she didn’t answer, David stepped in between her and Christopher. “I have an idea. Since Charity has never kissed on camera before maybe it would be better if I went over a few pointers with her first. Give me thirty minutes. We’ll have this take done in no time. I promise.”

Excerpt from Concealed in My Heart by Regina Puckett
Included in A Touch of Passion

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

And his kiss... unlike anything she’d ever experienced

As she watched the sea of green passing in a blur, she found herself thinking about the death and destruction hidden beneath the sun-kissed jungle with its snaking rivers and treacherous secrets. None of the men ever really described the horror they’d seen or lived through to her. But she knew it was bad. From the looks in their eyes. From the screams of their nightmares in the hospitals. And from the stories of evil that kept creeping to the surface. War gave the depraved a license to kill and the power to reign. It could also steal the heart of good right out of a man. 
Like John. She wondered how he was. Had he gotten her letters? Were they having a decent Christmas dinner at his outpost? She thought back over every minute they’d shared from the moment her gaze had connected with his across the Christmas Party in Saigon. The time they’d been together had been almost nothing, but the connection between them seemed stronger than anything she’d known before. And his kiss...that had been unlike anything she’d ever experienced.
Suddenly the helicopter rocked violently, knocking her into Ginny and smoke billowed into the cockpit. Dear God! Help! Eyes wide with terror, Ginny grabbed for her, screaming, but Emma couldn’t hear anything but the roar of the engines.
Emma’s stomach lurched sickeningly as the helicopter began to spin. They were going to crash. She was about to die, and her one regret was that she hadn’t had more time with John. Maybe she should have stopped him from leaving the Christmas party. Or have asked him to stay longer the next day. She wished she had kissed him again. Had held him longer. Had been able to gaze into his eyes one more time.

Excerpt from A Weldon Family Christmas by Jennifer St. Giles
Included in Love in Times of War

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Love in Times of War
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"This anthology consists of twelve wonderful stories with the inherent theme of love and war contained in them. Out of the twelve authors, Uvi Poznansky is the only one that I was familiar with previously. So, in addition to becoming acquainted with new authors in this set, my 'to be read' pile has grown considerably. That is not a bad thing with the wind chill of a minus 10 as I write this review!!" 

Breathtaking love story, World War II, epic tale

Once a Liberal Arts major in French Literature, J.A. Schneider, a former staffer at Newsweek, brings aspects of her fascination with medicine, forensic science, and human psychology into her gripping thrillers. I am honored that she listened to the audiobook edition of my novel, Dancing with air, and reviewed it:
"Breathtaking love story, World War II, epic tale"
Would you consider the audio edition of Dancing with Air to be better than the print version? 
Both are wonderful. I read the print version first because I love to re-read lines. With the audio version, you already know the characters and feel so very THERE with them. Fabulous!

What did you like best about this story?
I loved best the author's writing! Her ability to make you feel every scene, every emotion, whether the tension of the war or Lenny's heartbreaking remembrances of how Natasha used to be before Alzheimer’s took her away from him. This is a story that so deeply touches you that you will never forget it. 

Which scene was your favorite?
I loved the story of the beautiful grand piano that was destroyed in a London hotel bombing. Natasha, a brilliant pianist, tells Lenny that it was good that the piano was there so people could crawl under it, and the piano “saved their lives.” This scene tells us Natasha's character - and why Lenny loved her - with such depth that it makes your heart hurt. It also makes so real what it felt like to be in war. 

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
A love story for the ages

Any additional comments?
Don Warrick's reading of this story is beautiful, so heartfelt. His performance is a beautiful companion to the depth and brilliance of this story.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A good story of finding real love during WWII

Dan Strawn is the author of Isaac's GunBody of Work, and Breakfast at Blair'sLame Bird's Legacy, and Black Wolf's ReturnI am honored that he posted this thoughtful review for Dancing with Air.

on January 18, 2017
I love this story.

Dancing With Air is a delightful tale of young love struggling to exist in the throes of World War II.

Poznansky bookends Lenny and Natasha's World War II love affair with prologue and epilogue that moves the readers to the 1970's, where young love, now matured, becomes something tender and special..

As usual, Poznansky's prose are sprinkled with poetic pictures that add clarity and emotional punch to her writing (The sky was bruised purple). As usual, her cast of characters are diverse, well developed, believable, and entertaining.

In Dancing With Air, she showed me a heightened talent from earlier works at writing well timed scenes of comic relief, ones that caused me at times to chuckle, and even imagine Lucille Ball and Bob Hope in the story rather than Lenny and red-haired Natasha.

I've read several of Uvi Poznansky's novels. She's good. She knows how to entertain, inform, and cause thoughtful pause. Of the works I've read, I think this is my favorite. .

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

From 1942 to 1980 starring Lana and Lenny

I am so excited to read the first review, written by a Top 500 Reviewer, for my new release, Book Bites: The Wrong Girl:

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Selecting excerpts from four different books, the author compiled them into this 'Book Bites - the Wrong Girl...'. This series focuses on Lana instead of Natasha with Lenny.

It encompasses two generations and also features Lenny's time in service during WW II. It starts with Lenny in 1942 and continues to 1980 with his second wife. Love and war, 'contrasts and conflicts', and the differences in personalities all play significant roles.

One quote that really struck me was when Lenny was painting the walls - 'whitewashing traces of my family'. One thing that I love about this author's books is the descriptive nature of them. When Lenny smells perfume, the reader will also. This is not an easy task for an author to accomplish, but she seems to do this with great ease. Unparalleled descriptions which greatly enhance the reader's enjoyment....

At the end of this short sample, the author states that each one of the books can be a standalone. Naturally, the reader will learn more about the characters and their families if all of the books are read.

I would call this a 'sensuous sample' and am awaiting the publication of this one.

Most highly recommended.

Closing the door behind them, he took her in his arms

Nodding his head toward their bedroom, he took her hand and led her back. Closing the door behind them, he took her in his arms. Their bodies melded together perfectly from all the years they’d been together.
“I love you so much,” he whispered, his voice husky. About to say I don’t know what I’d do without you but caught it before the words spewed out.
“Jason, I love you, too.”
They kissed guiltily, not used to daytime affection. The girls were always there, interlopers to intimacy that only found a voice in the dark after everyone was in bed.
“Just pray it’s negative,” Harley said. “I don’t know how I’ll cope. I’m so worried about leaving you.”
“It’s probably nothing, Harley. Just know that if anything happens to you, we’ll be fine. Just like I know if anything happened to me, you’d be fine. No worries, okay? Let’s get through today.”
They agreed to let each other feel what needed to be felt. “I guess we had better get out there,” Harley said.

Excerpt from Perfect for Him by Suzanne Jenkins
Included in A Touch of Passion

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"The authors... all have gifts to offer and in tandem they present a very fine collection of contemporary writing about Romance, suspense, fiction and a touch of history, Fine curl p by the fire reading" 
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