Monday, March 4, 2013

A Heartfelt, Thoughtful Review by a Great Author

Brian M. Hayden is the author of Death: Living To Talk About It and Road To Transplanta memoir of his journey to get a heart transplant. Every time I read excerpts of his books, I found myself gripped in the description. So I feel it is a great honor that he posted this article about my work on his blog. Among other things, he says: 

"I first became aware of Uvi’s work about a year ago. I am a member in several writing groups on face book. One day I noticed one of her posts. She had shared a poem. I so enjoyed reading her poem that I followed the link that led me to her web site. When I arrived, I was amazed. There were samples of her art work, poetry and writing. I quickly became a fan..."

To read the entire article go here, to Brian's blog post about my book, A Favorite Son

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