Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Woman Behind the Voices of Home

I am truly honored to announce that a prolific performer, Kathy Bell Denton, is the voice actress reading the poems and prose for the audiobook edition of my book, HomeKathy is an actress, singer, and voice over artist. You can view an impressive list of her film and theatre roles, here: Now Casting

Her regional credits include work at International City Theatre (StageScene Award), The Old Globe, Kennedy Center, The Gem (Dramalogue Award), Sierra Rep and four seasons with Ensemble Theatre of Santa Barbara. Local credits include Sacred Fools, The Classical Lab, The Odyssey, Theatre West, The Unknown Theatre, Vox Humana, Malibu SummerStage, and West Coast Ensemble. Her TV/Film credits include: Southern DysComfort, Someone Marry Barry, Murder in Retirement, Bitch (Sundance), Poor Mrs. Sobel, Kadis, I’ll Pick the Flower You Love, Appleville Eats Its All Stars.

To my surprise, I found her voice reading Sonnet 99 of the Bard. In this reading she uses her easy flowing, lovely Southern accent (actually very close to Elizabethan accent) which is only one of her many accents. First, here is the sonnet, written by the playwright and poet William Shakespeare, in which he expresses his love towards a young man.

The forward violet thus did I chide:
Sweet thief, whence didst thou steal thy sweet that smells,
If not from my love's breath? Thy purple pride
Which on thy soft cheek for complexion dwells
In my love's veins thou hast too grossly dyed.
The lily I condemned for thy hand,
And buds of marjoram had stol'n thy hair:
The roses fearfully on thorns did stand,
One blushing shame, another white despair;
A third, nor red nor white, had stol'n of both
And to his robbery had annex'd thy breath;
But, for his theft, in pride of all his growth
A vengeful canker eat him up to death.
More flowers I noted, yet I none could see
But sweet or color it had stol'n from thee.
–William Shakespeare

Now listen to her beautiful interpretation, and you will appreciate why I am so delighted to work on this upcoming project with her:

If your browser wouldn't play it, try this.

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  1. An impressive post On Voice Over Artist,I just gave this to a colleague who is doing a little analysis on this topic.And he is very happy and thanking me for finding it.But all thanks to you for writing in such simple words. Big thumb up for this blog post!

    1. Thank you so much Josh! I truly enjoyed writing this post, and I am glad you enjoyed it and even recommended it to your friend. All the best!