Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cover reveal for The Edge of Revolt

The cover art for my new novel, The Edge of Revoltis my watercolor painting inspired by a quick charcoal sketch which I have drawn while listening to music--several pieces of music, each with a different rhythm and mood, reflected here. I imagined that these rhythms are taking me to a magical landscape, which I am yet to explore, and that the edges describe rocks and mountains faraway, and sweeping waves underfoot. Here and there I imagined a figure of a traveler who, like me, is on a journey--but I could not tell if his journey is one of giving chase or one of escape. The more I gaze upon this view, the more detail I find in its edges, which are open to interpretation.

I drew it while in the process of writing about David, reflecting upon the conflicting emotions filling his heart during his escape from his beloved son, Absalom, who has mounted a revolt to topple him from the throne. While the landscape of his journey is that of the mountains of Judea and the Jordan river, the landscape here is abstract, because it reflects the journey you may take, given a great turmoil in your life.

About the text:

The font selected for the titleThe Edge of Revoltdepicts a regal, dynamically slanted, and rather grandiose handwriting style, just the way I imagine David’s penmanship in his private diary. At the top, the letters are bathed in golden light, which fades gradually towards the bottom. Down there, they are soaked in a blood red color, as befits this drama of love, betrayal, and war.

By contrast to the title, the font style selected for the name of the trilogyThe David Chroniclesis a more formal, stable one, and it is presented all in capitals. This adheres to the font scheme for the cover of the volume I, Rise to Power, and volume II, A Peek at Bathsheba. 

Together, they are connected both in their art and in the voice of David. I find it amazing to be in his skin from childhood to old age. It has been quite a journey for me, and I hope it would be for you, too.


 Volume I: Rise to Power
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Volume II: A Peek at Bathsheba
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Volume III: The Edge of Revolt
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The complete trilogy:
The David Chronicles (Boxed Set) 
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"I am so enamored with the sensual style and delicious delivery
 that this review is a purely emotional response as I have just put it down. 
I feel like a devotee."


  1. Beautiful and evocative. Can't wait to read your new David book, Uvi.

    1. Oh thank you so much JEM! It's amazing for me, and I hope for the reader as well, to be in the skin of the character from childhood to old age. I know you had a similar experience with your book, I, The Sun.

  2. Amazing!!! You are so incredibly talented!!

    1. Oh thank you so much Rachel, great to see you here!