Monday, August 8, 2016

Give me some insight into the writing of this novel

Christoph Fischer is the author of several historical and contemporary fiction books (Sebastian, The Luck of the Weissensteiners, and more.) He is also is a high-ranking reviewer on Goodreads. I am thrilled that he invited me to come back to his website, to chat about my new novel, Dancing with Air

He opened the feature post with these welcoming remarks:

Uvi is no stranger to my blog. I’m a big fan and am delighted to announce her newest release: Dancing with Air

Give me some insight, he said, into the writing of this novel. In response, this is what I said:

To write the story with authentic historical detail, I went though meticulous research into many aspects of the WWII era– the garb and hairstyle of the time, the furniture and appliances, and of course, the timeline of events. But beyond all that, I was inspired by popular music of the time, to compose lyrics that will resonate not only with your memories but also with the mood of the characters. The lyrics add another dimension to the romantic feel of this book. Here is an example:

Do I want you to stay
And be here by my side?
Only forever
Be my joy and pride

Would I let you leave me
If you say that you must?
Take my heart with you
‘Cause its you that I trust

Would I be counting the days
Till you’re back in my arms?
Only always
Enchanted by your charms

To read more of this feature post, hop over to Christoph Fischer's blog:

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