Sunday, August 21, 2016

Romance and Historical Intrigue at its Best!

I am thrilled to find this review, written by Dolores Ayotte, author of A Woman's Voice (and other self-help books) who is a great inspirational writer and one of the best reviewers on Amazon. This is what she said about my WWII romance novel, Dancing with Air:

on August 13, 2016
Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories Book 4) by Author Uvi Poznansky

I have read and reviewed several books by Award Winning Author Uvi Poznansky and she never ceases to amaze me with her creative abilities. Although, “Dancing with Air” is the 4th novel in the Still Life with Memories series, it is not my first encounter with the protagonists, Lenny and Natasha and the in depth view of their relationship.

Lenny is and always has been deeply in love with Natasha. She is equally smitten with him. In the present, Natasha now suffers with Alzheimer’s and as Lenny is taking her to her Doctor’s appointment, he mentally and wistfully reminisces about their youthful and passionate past. He dwells on his time overseas as a marine during World War II and how Natasha, a gifted concert pianist manages to volunteer her talent to entertain soldiers serving overseas. She succeeds in making her way across perilous waters on a liner from the United States to Britain to join him. Lenny is caught up in a unique spy operation which could clearly be misunderstood by the love of his life…

I could go on and on about this compelling romance novel and the challenges this young couple faced as their innocent love matures into a life long relationship but suffice it to say that Author Uvi Poznansky never disappoints her readers. Her work is well-written, well-researched, and spellbinding. I loved this fictional novel laced with romance and historical intrigue!

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