Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I think you’re being photographed

But then he glanced out further down the lake, and stilled. A large cruiser was drifting along the shore nearby. 
Odd, that he and Kate hadn’t noticed the boat earlier. Murphy frowned. Whoever was on that boat would’ve had to have had a pretty good view of him and Kate. How had the cruiser managed to drift in so close to the shore without either one of them noticing?
Unless, whoever was steering the boat had intentionally remained quiet?
And then Murphy noticed a shiny, flickering light, reflecting from its bow. Or was it a flash? Hastily, Murphy called out through the open window, “Kate, get dressed and out of sight. I think you’re being photographed.”

Excerpt from That Unforgettable Kiss by Tamara Ferguson 
The novel is included in A Touch of Passion

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What happens next is never what you expect

I'm delighted to find this review by Critical Reader for my novel, The White Piano:

on August 28, 2016

Pure artistry! This book blew me away. It is so powerful and emotional and extremely well-written. The author bio states that she paints with words, and that is a perfect description.

To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about Anita’s dialog, but I suppose it’s just the bad grammar that drives me nuts. However, that’s who she is, and it fits, but it makes me like her even less. With that said, the author draws the reader in to each character, and you can really understand where Ben and his father are coming from and why they each feel what they feel. Even their mistakes and at times, peculiar behavior, entice you to read on and find out what happens next. And what happens next is never what you expect.

In short, the book deals with very deep issues and is incredibly moving. Wow- just… wow!

Monday, August 29, 2016

You didn’t write to tell me you were coming

She headed for the mirrored, glassed-in cabinets and the counters where silver trays of different chocolates battled for attention with the delicious and decadent truffles, tarts and candied delicacies that made the store so colorful. The floor near these shelves always ended up with a certain amount of mess made by the clerks handling the trays of goodies.
The bell over the door of Beaux Rêves (Sweet Dreams) rang and caught her attention. Her patisserie shop, situated in one of the busier areas in Paris, was always crazy during the day and even into the evening. She wasn’t surprised to see more customers at this time.
At first, shadows darkened the face of the woman who entered. Though once she stepped into the light, she looked strangely familiar.
“Hello, Annie.”
The sweet timbre of her voice brought instant recognition.
“Rose!” The mop fell to the floor with a bang. Anne rushed to embrace the woman who had been like a mother to her when she was a young girl of eighteen. Leaving home—her first time away—and living as an exchange student in a small Texas town, and experiencing the strange environment of a ranch had been a struggle. This woman had added joy and given her a year she’d never forgotten. “You didn’t write to tell me you were coming. I would have met you at the airport. How very wonderful! Are you here alone?” 

Excerpt from Love Me Tender by Mimi Barbour 
The novel is included in A Touch of Passion

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Appreciate the beauty of this novel

Jess Steven Hughes is a retired police detective sergeant with twenty-five years experience in criminal investigation and a former U.S. Marine. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a minor in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations from the University of Southern California. He is also a horseman, and he draws on all his skills into writing his great historical fiction books. I am thrilled to find his review of my novel, Dancing with Air:

on August 29, 2016

This is a powerful yet poignant story of great passion and deep sorrow. The themes are Alzheimer Disease in the present (1970) and flashback to the dangerous period of World War II London, England, 1944. Both are united by a love that lasts a lifetime.

Lenny, a former U.S. Marine, is married to Natasha, a brilliant concert pianist, now suffering from the ravages of Alzheimer Disease. They are at a clinic where Natasha is undergoing tests. He knows there is little that can be done for her, but he still has hope.

While Lenny waits for Natasha to complete the tests, he recalls their time together in wartime London, before they were married. As a Marine he was assigned to the American Embassy, working on a secret intelligence mission that could change the course of World War II.

Natasha came to London, under the auspices of the USO, as a pianist to entertain the troops, much to Lenny's surprise and consternation.

Regardless, their love for one another, which had started in the States, intensified and grew to a passionate crescendo.

I will not give away the rest of the story. You must read Author, Uvi Poznansky's vividly written descriptions in order to appreciate the beauty of this novel, something in no way can I come close to emulating. Well done, deserving five stars.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

She's small, but she sails like a dream

Derrick was the first to board the bigger boat. He tied off the dinghy securely and then gave both Anna and Timmy a hand into the sailboat.
"It's gorgeous!" Anna smoothed her hand along the wooden rail, its deep, glossy finish glinting in the bright light of the clear morning. The brass fittings were buffed and shined, reflecting the sun's rays like so many mirrors.
As he unloaded the supplies from the dinghy, he said, "Thanks. I went in with a couple of my buddies and we bought it this past spring when Tim and I first moved to Bayview." He stopped long enough to look up at the single, tall mast. "She's small, but she sails like a dream."

Excerpt Derrick by Donna Fasano 
The novel is included in A Touch of Passion

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Exceptional romance. Incredible history.

Jan Romes is the author of witty contemporary romance books, and a part-time fitness trainer. She also enjoys growing pumpkins and sunflowers. I am thrilled to find her review of my WWII romance novel, Dancing with Air:

on August 26, 2016
The only way to describe this book is that it's a 'work of art'. The author painted an incredible picture with her words in this historical romance set in WWII. I absolutely loved Lenny and Natasha's characters. Lenny's loyalty to both Natasha and his country were exceptional. Natasha shared her gift of music with the troops to boost morale. She won me over on so many instances in this book but especially in one particular scene when she allowed her intuition to rule the moment and not her emotions. The author presented Lenny and Natasha with many situations that could've ended their relationship, but their love triumphed. Ms. Poznansky did an awesome job with this story.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I’ll let you play with my snorkel

Locking the door of the café behind her, Celia glanced up, barely recognizing her reflection in the glass door. Her hair was loose around her face, softening the angles. Dax joined her, putting his arms around her and resting his chin on her head. They smiled at one another, then she turned in his embrace. “I love you.”
He kissed her, letting his family move on a few steps ahead. “I love you too.” He moved them so they looked up at the wooden signage that had taken two weeks to arrive. “Ambrosia by the Sea. You are officially in business.”
“Thank heaven I didn’t have to wait on that damn thing.” Celia shook her head. “It hasn’t been easy.” She entwined their fingers together.
“Was it worth it?”
“Every nail-biting second. I’d put so much emphasis on something that didn’t matter, in the end.”
“Let’s go to the beach,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ll let you play with my snorkel.”
Celia laughed and pushed against his solid chest. “Deal.”

Excerpt from Ambrosia by the Sea by Traci Hall 
The novel is included in A Touch of Passion

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Emotionally Gripping!

I love this review by Kevin of my WWII romance novel, Dancing with Air:

on August 9, 2016
Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories Book 4) is a beautifully written and powerfully, emotional story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it. It tells of a love story that takes place in the pre-invasion days of the Normandy Coast during World War Two. The authors attention to historical details of the era is impressive and well researched, which thoroughly enhances the plot ten fold. This story can be read as a stand alone novel, but I would highly recommend reading the entire series. In times of war and sickness, Love is but the one thing that prevails and can never be conquered. I loved reading this story and I'm sure it will deeply touch you too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I think I would have known you anywhere

The sun reflected bluish hues in his black hair, swept back from where he had run his hands through it to keep it out of his eyes. The moment he smiled, perfect teeth and deep dimples were revealed. Even though his tee shirt was dirty and grass stained, it didn’t do anything to distract from his broad chest and taunt muscles. His high cheekbones and chiseled chin gave him his all American good looks, and was probably one of the reasons he was such a highly sought after leading man.
Charity was completely awestruck by his presence and boyish charm. She stopped dead in her tracks and tried to breath. When she didn’t move, David walked the rest of the way to meet them. 
He held his hand out to her. “Charity.” His large hands swallowed hers. “Charles has told me so much about you. I think I would have known you anywhere.”

Excerpt from Concealed in My Heart by Regina Puckett 
The novel is included in A Touch of Passion

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Great stories

Lovely new review for my horror collection, Twisted:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great stories on August 22, 2016
I loved reading this book. It was a great mixing of fear with a great imagination and what happens to people in the afterlife and tangling with the devil.
I especially liked what was happening in the story of Job and his wife. The stories were all well written and twisted. She has a wonderful mind to create such great stories from what little bit we actually glean from the bible stories. I know I wouldn't want to be in any of her stories. There are four stories in all and each is written so that the person it is about is telling us the story.

You’ll be the envy of all the other wives

Nellie dressed with extra care in her new black evening gown. The design was the latest style, sleeveless and slightly off the shoulder. The bodice was the most daring she’d ever worn. She kept pulling it up, but her cleavage was still on display.
She checked herself in the full-length cheval mirror in her bedroom.
“Beautiful,” Blake’s deep baritone sounded behind her.
She jumped, her heart pounded. “Blake. You startled me.”
“I knocked but you were concentrating so hard on tugging up your neckline, you didn’t hear me.”
She nodded. “Don’t you think it’s a bit low?”
“Not compared to what I’m used to. It’s a very attractive dress, and you’ll be the envy of all the other wives. Here,” he handed her a long, skinny jewelry box. “I think they’ll look spectacular with that frock.”
She opened the case and saw one large emerald pendant, the size of a robin’s egg on a delicate gold chain and two matching ear bobs.
“Oh, Blake, they’re lovely, but I can’t accept such an extravagant gift.”

Excerpt from Nellie by Cynthia Woolf 
The novel is included in A Touch of Passion

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To me you have grace

One of them, a decrepit, toothless hag cruises up to the front in her wheelchair to get a better look at the piano. Frail, much like a wooden puppet, she drags her bony, crooked body over to the bench, slides open the cover, and bangs at the keys. 

The melody is familiar, but played haltingly, and with an awkward touch, which makes me wish mom would stand up, walk over there right now and show them, show all of them just how it is done, and what fine music ought to sound like, performed with inspired virtuosity by the hand of a renowned pianist, trained from early in life in a variety of memorization techniques. 

But no: there she sits, her long fingers idle, her eyes nearly shut, as if trying to block out all distractions, perhaps to divine a particular sequence of music, or to recall the fierce, blind stare emanating from an imaginary bust, the bust of Beethoven, or else just to drift off. 

The other seniors gather around the toothless amateur, and they start shaking their wrinkled fingers in the air, in pantomime of her gestures, and humming, La-la, la-la-la! La-la, la-la-la! One of them is so swept by the rhythm, as to warble in a thin, cracked voice, somewhat out of tune,

Bei mir bist du shein,
Bei mir host du chein,
Bei mir bist du alles oif di velt.

For some reason the singing grates, quite harshly, on my nerves. I am surprised to find myself so upset. For a time I do not even realize I have water in my eyes. The entire space starts swimming in front of me, and I am glad that my father does not seem to notice it, or else he may think I am weeping.

Weeping—can you imagine that?—out of some weakness or something. 

The reason I am so lucky as to be ignored is that his face hangs there, away from me, over his chest, and is held in that position, nearly masked by the palms of his hands. I get the feeling that under that cover, his mind has been carried away elsewhere. Perhaps he is thinking about the first time he saw mom. 

From reading his stories I know it happened quite by chance, when he accompanied a friend to some concert, and sat there, raising his eyes from the second row, and there she was, up on stage, aglow in a sphere of light. 

His heart started fluttering inside. It pounded so hard that he thought he would pass out, which was fine by him, because he considered himself, at that moment, kissed by luck. 

One could not wish any better than to die a happy man. 

In his eyes, she was the most beautiful girl in the world—not only because of the hazy glare of the spotlight, through which he saw her rosy blush, the long, slender arms, and the glitzy black dress, but because of the heavenly, harmonious music, which she made reverberate in the air, all around her.

To me you are beautiful,
To me you have grace,
To me you are everything in the world.

For the longest time, my old man sits there, utterly motionless, in the midst of bells being shaken and bongos being beaten by unsteady hands. Only the top of his head, gripped tightly in his fingers, is visible to me between this sagged shoulder and that, in the back of the crowd. 

And it is not until the end of the song—when everyone sitting in the divide between him and me has joined in an intoxicated, disorderly chorus, singing loudly, I've tried to explain, bei mir bist du schoen—that the next line makes his hands fall, suddenly, into his lap. 

I've tried to explain, bei mir bist du schoen,

So kiss me, and say that you will understand.

It is at that phrase, and say that you will understand, that I see him wincing. Having sensed, somehow, the weight of my gaze, his jaw clenches. My father turns his head abruptly, to pull himself back from view—but not before I realize, to my complete shock, that he is awash in tears.

There are claps and numerous shouts—Bravo, bravo!—and after a while, as if guided away by an invisible hand, they scatter around. The show is over. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Romance and Historical Intrigue at its Best!

I am thrilled to find this review, written by Dolores Ayotte, author of A Woman's Voice (and other self-help books) who is a great inspirational writer and one of the best reviewers on Amazon. This is what she said about my WWII romance novel, Dancing with Air:

on August 13, 2016
Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories Book 4) by Author Uvi Poznansky

I have read and reviewed several books by Award Winning Author Uvi Poznansky and she never ceases to amaze me with her creative abilities. Although, “Dancing with Air” is the 4th novel in the Still Life with Memories series, it is not my first encounter with the protagonists, Lenny and Natasha and the in depth view of their relationship.

Lenny is and always has been deeply in love with Natasha. She is equally smitten with him. In the present, Natasha now suffers with Alzheimer’s and as Lenny is taking her to her Doctor’s appointment, he mentally and wistfully reminisces about their youthful and passionate past. He dwells on his time overseas as a marine during World War II and how Natasha, a gifted concert pianist manages to volunteer her talent to entertain soldiers serving overseas. She succeeds in making her way across perilous waters on a liner from the United States to Britain to join him. Lenny is caught up in a unique spy operation which could clearly be misunderstood by the love of his life…

I could go on and on about this compelling romance novel and the challenges this young couple faced as their innocent love matures into a life long relationship but suffice it to say that Author Uvi Poznansky never disappoints her readers. Her work is well-written, well-researched, and spellbinding. I loved this fictional novel laced with romance and historical intrigue!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Such a classy well written book

I am thrilled to find this heartfelt, moving review for my WWII love story, The Music of Us:

on August 20, 2016
Where do I start with this wonderful book, The Music of Us. I guess by saying how elegant Uvi’s writing is. Some of the best I’ve read in a very long time. This story hit close to home. My mother suffers with Alzheimer's disease and I’ve seen what it can do. I loved so many things in this book, the humor, the emotions, the characters. Uvi takes you on a journey down memory lane back to the beginning to when Lenny and Natashia first meet. Her musical career was just taking off and I do believe it was love at first sight. Yet, this book is not in the box that some Romance novels are. It’s a touching account of two people that were meant to be together and how fate guided them to meet up again. There is no way you won’t fall in love with Lenny’s dedication to find Natashia again, and to do anything he can to guide them together.

In some ways this book broke my heart and in other ways it tells of how life is such a precious gift. To treasure every day you have with the people you love. I’ve read a lot of stories about Alzheimer’s and I have to say, for me personally, this was the very best. Uvi did a beautiful dance of balance and grace with this story. Maybe it was a little wake up call to say, hey, look at what you have with someone and not what you’ve lost.
I highly recommend this book. Not just for people who have family members with Alzheimer’s disease, but for those who might need a little refresher course on family, friends, and the ties that bind. Loyality, honesty and strength that you find with Lenny, is what we should all strive for.

One moving and evocative novel.

Christoph Fischer is well known for his in-depth book reviews and for his books, which span historical and contemporary fiction. He has just posted this beautiful review for Dancing with Air:

Like the rest of the series, this novel deals with the nasty disease that is Alzheimers’, a topic close to my heart and subject of some of my own writing. As with her other work, Uvi deals with the subject with grace, precision and depth. The result is one moving and evocative novel.

While facing the possible diagnosis of Alzheimers’ for Natasha, flashbacks tell the story of Lenny and Natasha: their time in besieged England during World War II, her work as entertainer for the troops, his work to thwart German intelligence and the many memories the couple share of that time.

Historically accurate this book adds a great deal of information about the time and place, bringing much more to the table than a tragic love story. Uvi writes in beautiful prose and balanced the tight line between sentimental and romance wonderfully. As one reviewer called it: This is “Literary writing at its best.”

To read more click here: 

Historical Saturday Post: Review of “Dancing with Air”

Friday, August 19, 2016

When did you know you wanted to write?

Marie Lavender is a bestselling multi-genre author of UPON YOUR RETURN and 21 other books. She has been writing for over twenty years. I'm thrilled that she posted this interview about my new release on her site. 

Marie asked me: When did you know you wanted to write? Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

And I said, I knew it ever since I was a child. Before I knew how to put pen to paper, my father, who was a poet and writer, would write down my stories. He also used to ask me to rhyme his poems for him, as a fun way that led me into the music of words--

Want to hear more? Check it out: