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What to expect in a candle lit, virtual cave

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Let me take you into a Dab of Darkness

My interview has just appeared on a mysterious website Dab Of Darkness. To whet your appetite, here are the questions:
  • Reality in my fiction: how important is it? Lengthy travel, cussing, and bathroom breaks happen in real life. How do you address these mundane occurrences in your writings?
  • With the modern popularity to ebooks, a book is no longer limited to a specific genre shelf. It is now quite easy to label place an ebook in multiple genres (i.e. YA, Fantasy, Horror). How do you see this affecting readers? Have you been inadvertently lured outside your reading comfort zone? 
  • In my experience, some of the best fiction is based on facts and history. How do you build your research into your fictional works?
  • In this age of publishing, self-promotion is really necessary for the author. What do you enjoy most about advertising yourself and your works? What do you find most challenging? 
  • As a published author, what non-writing/reading activities would you recommend to aspiring authors? 
  • Care to tell us about your cover art, as you are also artist as well as an author?
  • Finally, what upcoming events and works would you like to share with the readers?
Want to read my answers? Click here: 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A lizard slinks out of the treasure box, and with a sudden flick of the hand Joav catches it

“Tell me, then,” he inquires. “What is it exactly that you need done?”
“What I need,” say I, “is to prove my innocence. I’ve done nothing wrong—but does that matter at all? Does anyone care? Saul’s putting his dogs on my scent.”
Joav raises an eyebrow. “Like me, he must have read your mind.”
“Even so,” I say, “no one should be persecuted for the thoughts in his mind. I haven’t hurt him, nor have I raised my hand to grasp his crown. I’ve done no crime—yet here I am, banished.” 
“This is injustice,” he accepts. “But between us, innocent you’re not. So let me ask you again: what is it you need done?”
And I say, “Let him attack me. The longer this goes on, the worse he fares in the eyes of the people. My virtue will be proved not by fighting back—but by patience, by our skill to outmaneuver him.”
He sits back, a glint of admiration playing in his steel-grey eyes.
So I press on, “Our cause, at this stage of the game, is to be constantly on the move. We’re not going to stay in the same place two days in a row. Tonight, we’re camping here. Tomorrow, who knows? We may be digging bunkers under the king’s palace, and spying on him from there—”
He is quick to finish my thought. “The next day,” he says, “we may disappear into the Canaanite villages, or the Philistine towns.”
“Just so.” 
A lizard slinks out of the treasure box, and with a sudden flick of the hand Joav catches it. “Ha!” he smirks. “We’ll be changing our garb and our habits at a moments notice, the way this lizard changes its skin.”
“Survival!” I say.
“Survival,” he says simply. “I’ll see to it.”

Lizard (my newest paper engineering project) 
can be found wandering from one place to another around my house 

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“What a treat to have the story of David presented in such a stimulating manner”

Want to know what puts a smile on my lips and joy in my heart? It is this:

Want to know what puts a smile on my lips and joy in my heart? It is this: learning that someone who grew up in a different continent, under entirely different circumstances, someone who had to overcome poverty and hardship the kind of which I can only imagine, has been touched by my story. Paul Douglas Lovell is an up and coming author, having published a unique autobiography, Paulyanna International Rent-boy. I first met him during my book launch event Get Twisted, and he was so amused by the theme and so generous that he brought in some twisted candy... I am so very touched by what he wrote about my historical fiction novel, Rise to Power:

5.0 out of 5 stars DELICIOUSMarch 29, 2014
This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
When I began reading Rise to Power I was already reading two other books, both considered classics in the literary world. These gathered dust once I’d digested but a few lines of Uvi Poznansky’s alluring verse. I am so enamored with the sensual style and delicious delivery of this Old Testament story, that this review is a purely emotional response as I have just put it down. I feel like a devotee.

I’ll steer my review away from the story itself, David, Goliath and a rise to power because it is Uvi Poznansky you are really buying into.

An artist that sculpts, writes, paints such a realistic atmosphere, you can feel the desert sand sift through your fingers with each turn of the page. A couple of stone columns and a net curtain blowing in the wind would be more than enough garnish should these words ever make the stage.

----Favourite quote… “I understand what motivates them. Greed is such a universal thing, especially when combined with laziness.”----

I like religions, notice the plural, I like to pick ‘n’ mix the choice bits. I am not so big on displays of piety but do love an epic bible story. Uvi Poznansky replaces piety with poetry, and with panache, adds a splash of seduction.

There is no gratuitous violence or scenes to upset the religiously sensitive. I suppose it is only as graphic as your own mind. I was never bored reading this and now it’s finished there is defiantly a void.

Luckily for me there is more of Uvi Poznansky’s writing available, plus stuff on the way.

Paul Douglas Lovell.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Guess who is in first position in Amazon Best Sellers today in Historical Fiction?

You guessed it! 
Rise to Power!

Very moving

I am thrilled to find a new review of the audiobook edition of Home

5.0 out of 5 stars Very movingMarch 23, 2014

I got this as an audio book. I have listened to a few but Home was so good and relaxing it pulled me in as the narrator read it. This was the work partially of author and father. I loved all of the works. They were all deep and very moving. I fully intend to read more of the authors works.

Inside the head of a King

John Holland grew up in the Australian outback. His poems are about life and the question of where we fit into an uncertain universe. He has a lovely blog featuring his poetry and authors he enjoys. I am thrilled to find his review of Rise to Power:

5.0 out of 5 stars Inside the head of a KingMarch 28, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I approached this book from (I suspect) a different angle to most. I am not a religious man, though possibly spiritual (the jury is still out) I read it because I know the quality of writing this writer produces. I was not disappointed.

The power present in the book is as much the power of politics as it is the power of the supernatural. In fact, in some ways, the power of David stems from accident as much as from design.

What captured my attention, more than anything else, was the writer's skill of "dancing" with her subject. In Ms Poznansky's skilful hands David becomes one of us (the fallen?). No more than mortal. His mental strength is tested and fails... his life and the trials therein... are stripped of pretence and legend. What emerges is a starkly beautiful portrayal of a life where power and portent become all important. But, in the final analysis, impotent as well. At least, that was what I read into the words.

I am so glad I had the chance to read this. It touched me deeply on many different levels.

I would heartily recommend this book to all.

Get it now, or I will glower

 Get it now, or I will glower
Get it now, and rise to power!

★ Love historical fiction? Treat yourself to a gift 
Historical Fiction with a Modern Twist...
The complete series:

Volume I: 

Rise to Power

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In a word: Fabulous! #audiobooks #audible

Christian Ashley is an author of Historical Romance, Paranormal Fiction, and Erotic Fantasy. All of her Historical Fiction novels, Rose of GwyneddIn Daddy's Arms, and Dignity, came to her through dreams that evolved with ample research into the historical period being presented. I am truly honored that she posted this review for  for the audiobook edition of Rise to Power:

Christian AshleyLos Angeles, CA03-26-14
What made the experience of listening to Rise to Power the most enjoyable?
Uvi Poznansky combined her superb knowledge of Biblical history and her amazing sense of humor to create David’s story. In Rise to Power, David is looking back on his life and telling not only his story, but how he thought and felt at the time.
Because Rise to Power is told in first person by the protagonist, David, his-story literally comes to life! 

What did you like best about this story?
With David at the center during a time of war and constant upheaval for the people, his story, as written through Poznansky and narrated by George, made me laugh out loud more times than I could count. Rise to Power in many ways, makes sense of some of the difficult to understand and nonlinear parts of the Bible.

What about David George’s performance did you like?
George was expressive, articulate, and engaging. Very professional - serious when he should be and appropriately amused when called for.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
I would have liked to listen to Rise to Power for it's entirety but did it over a few nights.

Any additional comments?
Of all the audiobooks I've listened to thus far, Rise to Power has been my favorite.

Sherri Christian

I coil up, all around you

At first I snarl, snaking 
In the dirt around your foot, 
I wish to shoot up, lifting 
My body from the soot 

I coil up, all around you  
Weaving shadows into your light 
Your white, now brushed with my blue  
Is no longer pure--not quite--  

And as I reach, your neck to clutch    
And lean in with a hiss  
Your head floats off, now out of touch  
So far out of my kiss  

How can I reach your temple?  
I can't, now I know  
You are so high, so gentle  
You tremble in the flow... 

Here I imagine myself as a transparent snake rising up, one scale after another, one facet after another, around the paper sculpture I created some time ago. The sculpture is made of four parts: 

  1. The foot at the bottom, which I shaped as an elegant, curvy pedestal 
  2. The faceted design in the middle, which I created out of a single sheet of paper, with no cutting or glueing at all (merely by light scoring and hand pressure)
  3. The faceted 'neck', which I brought to a single point; 
  4. And the crown on top, which I set afloat above that point.  
Curious about my paper sculptures? Take a look at my Plucked Porcupine or my Paper Peacock

The voice is the voice of Jacob

Without even looking at the entrance to the tent, without even touching the cold surface of the hourglass, I know: It is nearly empty. The sand is running out. For us, there is no more time. He will never realize who it was standing there by his bedside, overcome and awash with tears.
I let one word escape, hoping that he cannot catch the sound of it—but wishing, in spite of myself, that he would: 
“Dad,” I whisper.
It is then that he raises his hand and with a strength I did not know he possessed, takes hold of my limb. He runs his fingers through the hair of the goatskin sleeve, comes as high up as my heart—and then, loses his breath and lets go. “The arm is the arm of Esav,” he whispers. “But the voice is the voice of Yankle.”

This is a seminal moment in the story: Isaac, the blind father is on his deathbed. He seems to suspect he is being fooled. Meanwhile Yankle, the son, is torn between his love for his father and an irresistible urge to deceive him, in order to get that which does not rightly belong to him: the last blessing. He stands before his father, arm covered with a goatskin sleeve (so it may feel like his hairy brother's arm) not knowing where to go from here. Will he or won't he? 

★ Love literary fiction? Treat yourself to a gift 

"On a moral and ethical level the novel had a powerful impact on me." 
-Christoph Fischer, Top 500 Reviewer

Monday, March 24, 2014

King David: Antithetical Identities

Susan J Mardinly is a singer, poet, and the author of Deep Calls to Deep. I am thrilled that she posted this review for Rise to Power:

5.0 out of 5 stars King David: Antithetical IdentitiesMarch 23, 2014
This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
In Uvi Poznansky’s visionary imagination, words become brushstrokes to paint and sculpt David in his antithetical identities of poet/musician and warrior. This is a rare expose of this complex man’s personality and character: the juxtaposition of giant killer, cave refugee and crowned monarch. Despite understanding that people follow him because his image is larger than life, David lives with a persistent fear of losing control, as happened to Saul. He compartmentalizes the poet/musician so he can become a hardened killer and perfected ruler. As taut as a bow string and poetic as the string of the harp, Poznansky grips the contradictions of David’s vision of power in opposition to a future impotency. Impelled by these paradigms are behaviors of denial and prayers of abandoned faith. Believing God is his protector, he is yet constantly besieged by enemies. Women are among the enemies, as he allows himself to be seduced for others’ agendas. Judaic law informs his intelligence and actions, as in his mercy to Saul, but Poznansky depicts them as desires for his own salvation. Surrounding and emanating throughout all is the creative aura of David’s music and words, inspired in their uniqueness according to life events as a time traveler spanning past and future, even into our own era.

We charge ahead with our stories of yore

We charge ahead with our stories of yore
Under clouds of smoke, through flames, burning ember
Here we come, breathing life into a moment of lore
Follow us on the way to a time to remember

Swords slash the air! Let us all Rise to Power
Fly the Flight of the Earls... Hear the flutter, the whiz?
Now this is the place, and this is the hour
To take in the view of The Way the World is

Watch as our words Set the Night on Fire
The plot will soon thicken, the drama is rife...
A Luminous Future awaits! Let us reach higher
And raise our voices, to adventure, to life!

Come and discover the Rose of Gwenedd
Our stories unfold with whispers and screams
As we cross The Bridge of Deaths, for good or for bad

Learn all that happened Regarding Ruth
Come into our midst, your place is here, in the center
I, The Sun, will shine with the glory of truth
Follow us on the way to a time to remember

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some are historical fiction, 
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An Excellent Adventure!

Dan Glover is the author of Gathering of Lovers series as well as the Mermaid series. He also has several collections of short stories and anthologies that revolve around Zen Buddhism and Eastern teachings as seen through the eyes of Western culture. I am deeply honored to find this short and sweet review for A Favorite Son

5.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Adventure!March 23, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Favorite Son (Kindle Edition)
A Favorite Son sets brother against brother in an age-old quest for power. With each of them vying for their parents' love and respect, the winner comes to discover his victory is hollow... that sometimes it is better to lose the battle and thereby perhaps win the war. A well-written story that will hold your attention to the end. Highly recommended!

Lying still in a corner of the cave, I try my best not to rattle

"Lying still in a corner of the cave, I try my best not to rattle, not to betray my fear. I figure, as long as they think me unconscious, I am safe. I have jolted awake because of the voices, only to discover they are incoherent and muffled. In between the gusts of wind, I can hear them hissing. Each phrase plays out in some verbose foreign music, which I cannot decipher for the life of me. Sigh. This is not Aramaic for sure, or any of the other languages spoken by the locals in my village or by the merchants traveling through along the Jordan river.  
At this moment I find myself overwhelmed, turned inside out by a sense of suspicion. Something has been taken away from me. My breath? My name? Identity? Who am I, then?"

Job's wife in Twisted

I am truly enamored with paper. I love folding it, rolling it, cutting it, spilling ink and paint on it, and studying the reflections it gives off. At times it stares back at me, especially when I can find no words to write on its pure, white surface. Here is my oil painting of a rolling paper band, set against a background of a cave with stalagmites. It was inspired by my quick charcoal sketch of a nude. 

You will notice that this is no simple transformation, as the paper band goes deep into the internals of the body, which is no longer solid. Also, I staged the figure in an environment where light drizzles from above in glowing colors, and shadows of the paper band are cast all the way down, nearly reaching you.

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Dark, intense, entertaining, thought-provoking and emotional, these short stories each hold their own brand of magnetisim that lasts long after the last word is read... A wealth of depth in few words. -Dii, Top 1000 Reviewer

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We chart a course, the whole world we would wrap

Crossing the ocean, traveling through land
We chart a course, the whole world we would wrap
With stories from the deep south, from England to Ireland
From Romania to Russia, all across the map
From Israel to a faraway extinct Hittite kingdom
Kings, bards, and beggars, slavery and freedom  

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Such is the way to create history, when none is available

History is written by the winners. They make sure to remove that version of history that belongs to the losers. David, the young entertainer coming to play his lyre in king Saul’s court, makes this point in Rise to Power:

Hung on the wall is an shiny iron shield. I brush my fingers over the sharp ridges of the engraved inscription, trying to figure it out by touch. 
It says, The House of Kish. To a naive observer it may seem like an emblem of a highly respected ancestrybut as everyone around the country knows, Saul has no royal blood in his veins. He is the son of Kish, a lowly farmer who owns but a few asses. In his youth Saul used to tend to these stubborn animals. 
He may long for those carefree days. Even so, word on the street is that he did a lousy job, because the asses got lost more often than not. Everyone hopes and prays that he will do better as a king.
The worst part is, his family comes from a tribe of ill-repute. The tribe of Benjamin is known to be nothing but a rowdy mob, notorious for an insatiable appetite for rape and murder, for which it was severely punished. In a fierce civil war, it was nearly wiped outnot so long agoby the other tribes. 
For the life of me I cannot figure why the first king of Israel should be picked from the poor, the downtrodden. It is a questionable political decision—but perhaps it is better this way. In the back of his mind Saul should know his humble beginnings. He should feel compassion for his subjects, even though at this point all I sense out of him is rage and jealousy.
He is the son of a simple farmer, which makes this emblem quite pretentious. But who cares? By instinct I get it, I understand his need to display the thing, because this is the way to create history, when none is available. 

Even when the winner’s version of history makes it to the books, it is modified by later generations, adding layers upon layers of interpretation. So when I select old yarn to give it a new twist, I always focus on the human aspect: my biblically-inspired characters are no heroes. They are modern men and women, who at times find the courage to do heroic acts; at times they are besieged by emotions of grief, jealousy, or overwhelming passion; and always, they ponder who they are with the doubts and hesitations that are familiar to all of us. 
Here, for example, is what Yankle--the main character in my book A Favorite Son, inspired by the biblical figure of Jacob--says about who he is. 

I like to think of myself as a modern man. A confused one. One left to his own devices, because of one thing: the silence of God. When Isaac, my father, lay on his deathbed, waiting for me, or rather, for his favorite son to come in, he suspected, somehow, that he was about to be fooled. And yet, God kept silent. Now, all these years later, I wonder about it. 
God did not help the old man. He gave no warning to him, not one whisper in his ear, not a single clue. Now as then, He is utterly still, and will not alert me when my time comes, when they, my sons, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, are ready to face me, to fool their old man.

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A Peek at Bathsheba

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The Edge of Revolt

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