Friday, March 7, 2014

In my defense

Here is my watercolor, inspired by a little sketch by Rembrandt. In both cases, the subject is an artist's studio (a place near and dear to my heart.) Rembrandt described the master and his students observing a model, who is posing for them onstage. My watercolor is a variation on the theme. I used the same grouping of figures, and a similar overall composition. But I turned the studio into a cave, and the art students--to a primitive mob. Which brings out a primal urge in them. Also, I used colors, especially the hot reddish ones,  to highlight emotions.

In this painting the woman turns her head away: she has no voice. But in my novel, Apart From Love, Anita talks loud and clear. Here is what she says:

In my defense I have this to say: When men notice me, when the lusty glint appears in their eyes, which betrays how, in their heads, they’re stripping me naked—it’s me they accuse of being indecent. 
Problem is, men notice me all the time.

My watercolor

The inspiration for my watercolor: Rembrandt's sketch

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