Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Week So Far: What a Wonderful Beginning!

Oh what a wonderful week this is shaping up to be! But at first, it didn't seem so. The evening before my radio interview, I mentioned that for sure, the next morning will find me tongue-tied. In response, someone said, "Break a leg!"
I almost did. I twisted my ankle. It looks grotesquely swollen; which strangely enough, put my mind at ease. Nothing bad could happen from now on. I'm going to be articulate and calm during the interview.
Indeed, ever since the publication of my novel, every day brings with it a little surprise for me. Sometimes it is just the fact that some unknown reader out there has trusted my writing enough to buy the book. Sometimes it is the fact that a radio interview has been scheduled, and my calendar starts looking more and more like that of a 'real' author; or else, a review has been posted on the Amazon page of the book. 
This week, it is all of the above, and more!
  • My inteview with Cyrus Webb, the host of Conversations LIVE Radio has aired Monday morning. Cyrus is so engagingly warm and friendly, and he knows how to ask great questions, so I became quite talkative. You can listen to the conversation here.
  • My interview with the author and editor Dan O'Brien has been posted on his blog, Thoughts from the Dan O'Brien Project, just this morning! Dan really studied my work, both my writing and my art, and he came up with questions that made me think--unlike the stock questions in most blog interviews. You can find it here.
  • Two new readers' reviews, with glowing recommendations, have been posted on the Amazon page of my book, Apart from Love
The first new review says (by Miriam3):
 "Apart From Love is one of the best novels I have read lately. The story is set in a contemporary affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California. It is a tale of a quasi love triangle within a Jewish family. The characters and their relationship are depicted with depth and with humor. The city and its scenery is portrayed realistically and beautifully. Do not miss the last chapter, which is supposetaly a technical appendix, but in fact, a part of the narrative. This chapter is hilarious."

And the second (by yanushka):
"Apart From Love is a feast for the armchair psychologist. It reveals insights that can both touch and frighten each of us. But most evident is how the perspectives of both Ben and Anita are so delicately and honestly revealed. There are no contrivances and, as such, we are exposed to the complications of Lenny's life and relationships. This is a thoroughly well-crafted novel."


  1. Can you see my big smile, and feel my warm, congratulatory hug? I am picturing a new piece of art featuring a very beautiful and talented woman with a puffed-up ankle. Nothing shall stop her!

    1. I see, hear and hug you right back, ChaiLicious!

  2. Wonderful! You are amazing and the words continue to flow from you like exhaling air. I am very happy for you, sorry about the ankle. I must say the thought of publishing and maybe getting that kink of attention would kill me.. but then I am agoraphobic.

    You are a very gifted lady! Congrats!

    Sussan de Allura (Susan Moontana)

    1. Thank you so much Sussan for your gracious comments. I fully understand your feeling about publishing, as the limelight may expose everything about you. But now, I find that the fright is totally balanced with the thrill of it, and especially, with the opportunity of connecting to readers like yourself.

  3. Hope your week continued to be wonderful, and your ankle shrank back down.

    1. Thank you Sheila, I slapped a ton of ice on it...
      Have a great week yourself!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Uvi. It was a real pleasure to speak with you as well. Continued success to you.