Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's An Indie Writer To Do?

Being new to the business side of book publishing, I figured that I should start thinking soon about setting up some book signing events. I dreaded the thought of seeing myself sitting out there, in a bookstore or a library, waiting to be recognized by someone, anyone, as the author of these here books. Then I decided to look up the 'how to' of setting such an event, only to find this excellent article, that told me not to waste my time: Why Book Signing Events Are A Waste of Time For Authors.
Now I wonder: What do you think? Is book signing a good method of reaching your readers? Did you find better ways of doing it?


  1. My motivational writings started out to be for silver sages. Two book signings that were highly publicized within the senior communities of Los Angeles, led to a Very small number in attendance.
    Finding an Indie bookstore is difficult. There are two within a 45 mile radius of my home. That changed my focus to write for a broader audience, which now is more like ages 45-100.
    Make sure your advertisements go out to your target audience. Have a give away promo--door prize?
    Go for it! You never know until you try and try again. Just because it didn't work for me does not mean it won't work for you, in your area, with your target audience.

  2. Thank you Marcia. Yours is a thoughtful answer indeed.

  3. Instead of actual book signings, you could start by setting up a book blog tour (cheaper and you don't have to travel!)