Monday, December 30, 2013

Naked I came from my mother’s womb

And so I knew the mourners had started to disperse by now, which was truly humbling. Alas, they had been at it for a shorter time than usual—but how could you blame them, really? 
There was no money, and of the seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen and five hundred donkeys we used to own, not a single one was left. Nothing you could offer them for payment; alas, nothing left to sustain the customary expression of grief. Sigh. 
Job stayed with me awhile. Again and again he mumbled, in his inexplicable, pious manner, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I depart.” Men! Always thinking of themselves! All the while there I was, flat on my back, in need of some attention, and some clothes, too! 
Finally he left the gravesite. I waited, waited until the sound of his footfalls had shuffled away—oh, how well I knew this tortured gait of his!—until it too was gone.

The biblical Book of Job never tells you what happened to Job's wife, nor does it give her a name. By the end of the book he has a new set of children and a new wife. What a happy ending! One that leaves you in the dark... So in my book, she describes waking up to the moment of her death, and what happens in Hell.

When I chose Heather Jane Hogan to narrate Anita's voice in my novel Apart From Love, I refused to imagine how she might look, because to me, she was a voice. But now, as she is narrating her second project with me, I did look her up and she is not only a brilliant voice actress, but a beautiful one too!

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"It is virtually impossible to resist being mesmerized"

The minutes are ticking till midnight

The minutes are ticking till midnight
Let's dance them away; let's take flight
It's the end, the beginning, time once again
To raise a glass and uncork the champagne!

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Join me! Celebrate a new year, a new book

On 12/31, we celebrated a new year, a new book, right here: Rise to Power.

★ Three winners of the Writing Contest have been announced
★ Three of you won a complementary edition of one of my ebooks
★ All this, and more... 

A few of my guests arrived early: Aniruddha Sastikar, his wife Anshu and daughter Chinmayee, Lori R. LopezChristoph FischerMarsha Casper CookBecky L BarkerRenee Pierce WilliamsBrenda PerlinDolores AyotteBarbara SilkstoneBrian M. HaydenAuthor Tom UfertDouglas Wickard
Deborah Brooks Langfordthe slayer of Goliath, and yours truly... It was such a blast! Thank you all!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hall of Fame reviewer says: David as we have never known him

Author of War Songs, Grady Harp describes himself as being ever on the alert for the new and promising geniuses of tomorrow. He is an artist representative, gallery owner, writer of essays and articles on figurative and all Representational art for museum catalogues and for traveling exhibitions, and an Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer. So I am deeply honored that he has posted this five-star review for my just-published book, Rise to Power:

5.0 out of 5 stars
David as we have never known himDecember 26, 2013
Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
Uvi Poznansky wears a coat of many colors. Originally from Israel where she studied Architecture and Town Planning then moving to the US where she studied Computer Science and became an expert in Software Engineering, Poznansky managed to combine the design elements of two studies into unique formats. And she has accomplished the same with the other side of her brain - making visual her ideas (she is an accomplished painter, drawer, and sculptor who has enjoyed exhibitions both in Israel and in California, her present base) and making words in poetry and in short stories and children's books. RISE TO POWER is her second novel and is adorned on the cover with an image of her own painting!

But the miracle of Uvi Poznansky's writing is her uncanny ability to return to old stories and make them brilliantly fresh. This retelling of the Biblical David unveils a character far more profound and fragile than the slayer of Goliath. His personality radiates from every page as her grows from valiant lad to eloquent hero and Poznansky's gift for poetry renders a magical hue to every aspect of this story. At times startling, as times awe-inspiring, and at al times fine reading, this is a welcome addition to the growing library of one our more important writers. More please!! Grady Harp, December 13

It brings me great joy

It brings me great joy to know that many of you have read at least one of my ebooks. If you love reading my stories, please keep in mind that each one of them comes also in a beautiful print edition. Treat your loved one to a gift. Better yet, treat yourself to it! The covers are based on my own paintings, so getting the print edition is the only way to get my art. And when you open the cover, the title font suggests a hand-written scribble written by the king himself... And the first letter of each chapter is flowery, bringing to mind the tradition of old manuscripts.   

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Top Ten: A Favorite Son and The Perils of Biblical Inspiration

Gone viral with 248 shares to Facebook, my post titled 'A Favorite Son and The Perils of Biblical Inspiration' made it to the top ten (most popular) list on Christoph Fischer's blog! In fact it is in 3rd place! 

Christoph is a talented author of historical fiction, and top Amazon and Goodreads reviewer, so this means a lot to me. Check it out:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Song of Ben and Anita

Have you ever listened, I mean, really listened to the lyrics of 'Twinkle, twinkle'? The words can truly take on different meanings, which is something I explored in moments of despair and moments of hope in my novel.  

Check out my guest post on Brenda Perlin’s blog: The Song of Ben and Anita

Monday, December 23, 2013

Bathsheba and David

"So far I doubt she has caught the sound of my footfalls. I edge closer, advancing stealthily along the shadow, a seemingly endless shadow cast across the flat surface of her roof by my tower. Never once do I stop to remind myself that such behavior is unbecoming of a king.
And who can blame me? In her presence I am reduced to a boy.
I must find a way to impress her. Which is why I brought my crown along, even though it sits somewhat uncomfortably on my head. It is a bit too large for me, and too heavy, too.
On my way I leap across a staircase, leading down from the roof. On a railing, here in front of me, hangs a large Egyptian towel, as if to mark a barrier. I tell myself, This isn’t right. I should stop, stop right here and whatever happens I should cover my eyes, avoid taking a peep at her... Shall I turn back? 
And immediately I answer by asking, What? Stopping midway is nothing short of a sin...You’ll never forgive yourself... To which I say, stop talking to yourself already! Are you out of your mind?
Behind the towel I can see a puff of steam rising. Bathsheba must have poured boiling water into her tub only a minute ago. One kettle, set down by the claw-foot of the thing, has been emptied, the other—still full, waiting for its turn. Now, out of the swirl of vapors, her shoulders start to take shape."

This is my watercolor painting of Bathsheba. I am thinking of using this painting for the cover of my next book, Bathsheba (The David Chronicles.) 

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Historical Fiction with a Modern Twist...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The top ten most popular posts on Christoph Fischer blog

Gone viral with 235 shares to Facebook, the post about my book Rise to Power made it to the 'Best of 2013' top ten list on Christoph Fischer's blog! In fact it is in 3rd place! 

Christoph is a talented author of historical fiction, and top Amazon and Goodreads reviewer, so this means a lot to me. Check it out:

Dad would be gone by the time I rush back

"Afterwards, I cannot figure out for certain at what point my voice has trailed off, leaving me lost in a jumble of memories, fearful to open my eyes, fearful to glance at my watch, to figure out the moment, the exact moment when I have realized that I am alone. 
All I know is that somewhere along its arc, the light has crawled across the wall and leapt onto their pillow, and it is resting there now, on his open eyelids. 
It is a fairly strong light now, a glare that can blind you if you look directly into it, which strangely he seems to be doing. So I rise to my feet to pull the curtain shut, and then, in spite of myself, I glance at him. His chest barely rises. 
He lays there, having wrapped himself in my mother’s arms, his eyelashes still somewhat aflutter, his hands still shivering slightly over his heart, his face pale, nearly blue, and I know that if I would leave him at this moment to go look for Martha, the care giver, it would be over. Dad would be gone by the time I rush back." 

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“I plan to read all her other books. Hers is a unique voice”

Friday, December 20, 2013

Celebrate a new book, a new year!

Celebrate a new book, a new year! Don't miss out... Go to the event page, Rise to Power. Then click Join, and be part of the fun! 

Joined already? Then, I invite you to give me an image of yourself dancing, hopping or drunk--anything goes! Simply PM me (send me a private message on Facebook) and use Add Photo to attach your image. I will give you a party hat, and add your image here, to the Grand Finale party:

Rise to Power has just appeared in print!

So happy! Rise to Power (volume I of The David Chronicles) is now available in print!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cover reveal of Rise to Power

For the cover of Rise to Power I selected one of my watercolors for a backdrop, over which I positioned the face of Bernini's David. I love the dynamic expression, the effort it imparts both physically and mentally. This, to me, is the essence of this wonderfully complex character. Set against the tension between cool and warm colors, intense and loose pigments, here is an ambitious man trying to figure out how to take charge of his life, and how to make a mark on history.

Here, now, is the cover:

★ Love historical fiction? Treat yourself to a gift 
Historical Fiction with a Modern Twist...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Come celebrate New Year with me! Rise to Power!

Come celebrate New Year with me! 

My ★★★★★ historical fiction book ♥ Rise to Power ♥ is coming out in amazing paperback & Kindle editions. Join the Writing Contest, be here for the cover reveal, and read intimate disclosures from the life of David, as only he can reveal to you... Whatever you do, don't miss out!

Go to the event page, Rise to Power. Then click Join, and be part of the fun! 

A Masterful Adaptation of an Old Testament Story

What a lovely review of Rise to Power by Warrior Princess:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Masterful Adaptation of an Old Testament Story19 Dec 2013
Warrior Princess (Karmoy, Norway) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
I've been a fan of Uvi Poznansky for quite a while. Her books are beautifully written, emotionally engaging, educational - in a good way! - and always thought-provoking and very very interesting.

This adaptation of a familiar story from the Old Testament is unique and feels very modern. From the very first line of the prologue, the story drew me in, partly because of the masterful use of the first person by the author, and partly because of her engaging writing style. The scene of King David as a prisoner trying to escape and tell his story to liberate his soul is compelling and highly readable.

And then the story gets even better. Like all Uvi Poznansky's books, this one has crisp and engaging dialogue, well-drawn characters and a unique plot. It was interesting for me to see the events from King David's perspective and trace his journey from childhood to maturity and right into today's time, making the story relevant and engaging for today's readers. In this story, King David is not a mythical hero - he comes across as a real person, imperfect, flawed, and experiencing conflicting emotions - and that makes him so much more relatable, and his story - so much more compelling. A great read! Five stars.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Wanting something that is not yours

Lovely review of A Favorite Son:

5.0 out of 5 stars Review of A Favorite SonDecember 16, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Favorite Son (Kindle Edition)
Review of A Favorite Son
Written by Uvi Poznansky

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Uvi’s writing is unique in this short rendition of a story as old as Abraham -wanting something that is not yours. The first born is the benefactor of their father’s fortune – lands, goats, and whatever are the items left behind by their father. The head of the tribe words are final. All other siblings must rely on the first born to take care of them.

It’s a basic theme that Ms. Poznansky has developed into a smooth and humorist read. The wife asks for a camel from the king, while he is on his death bed. She doesn’t want one of those automobiles they have out west. She begs for this comfort to no avail. Your son will provide for you the man replies.

That and other off the wall snippets will bring the reader to reality. However, the story resides in a wealthy man’s desert serfdom, where women have no say and only what he says rules. This is a problem with his wife who feels her favorite son should reap the benefits of first born since she thinks he is more equipped to rule over the tribe.

That woven into a deceit of an uncommon kind, propels the story forward to an understandable conclusion. Ms. Poznansky weaves a plot that is told by the second son, who instead in confronting the situation upfront, listens to his mother into a void he cannot handle.

Plot: enjoyable; Characters: believable; and the prose was easy to read.

My book is in 3 'Hot New Releases' Amazon Lists!

Get Rise to Power and see for yourself what the rave is all about! 
It appears in three 'Hot New Releases' Amazon lists

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rise to Power in 'Hot New Releases' and 'Amazon Bestseller List'

When I release a new book, it's a bit like letting go of a baby's hand to see if she can take a first step. Boy, this baby is running fast! Rise to Power is listed in 'hot new releases' and in Amazon best sellers:

King David's "path to power"

Wow--I am so glad for this review for my new book, Rise to Power! Written by Dolores Ayotte, author of A Woman's Voice (and other self-help books) who is a great inspirational writer and one of the best reviewers on Amazon:
5.0 out of 5 stars King David's "path to power"... December 13, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) by Author Uvi Poznansky

David, the would-be king, is playing his lyre in an audition before the mad King Saul...or is he really mad at all? The popular story of the young boy David slaying the giant Goliath comes to life with a unique and somewhat macabre twist in this familiar old Bible story.

Gifted Author Uvi Poznansky is up to her usual finesse of taking a well-known Bible story and giving it a modern day perspective. Trust me...she does a darn good job of it! The Prologue actually explains where King David ends up. In essence...the beginning of the novel finds David a prisoner of sorts...actually a prisoner of his impotent self. David now has the occasion to reflect on his past life and he has every desire to share his story. In this fictional novel, David is speaking in the first person and is the narrator of his own past history and the events leading up to his present situation. The reader is then taken back in time with David to hear firsthand how this supposedly humble and simple boy started out.

By his own admittance, he is not so innocent after all. Even though he has many brothers, he is to be King Saul's successor...hand selected by old Samuel the "king-maker...the one who anointed Saul all these years ago". In this provocative story, David definitely appears to be far more ambitious than one would have initially imagined and his "rise to power" more calculated and well-thought out than first perceived. However, King Saul is no fool and deep down he has his misgivings about David. Therefore, even in his madness, he looks for his enemy. Is it David? Jealousy of a potential rival has endless and brutal possibilities.

In one of her previous novels, A Favorite Son... Ms. Poznansky utilizes the same technique now found in "Rise to Power (The David Chronicles)". She once again creatively and adeptly gets into the head of a familiar Bible character, and then subsequently brings him into the twenty-first century. In doing so, she manages to take her readers with her and they too are exposed to a vast array of human emotions, some more positive than others. One readily sees the ambition and calculative motives of the players and the ends they will go to achieve their own goals no matter the consequences or who they may cross in the process.

The setting in this book is in the appropriate Biblical era but the characters have what appears to be a more modern day method of thinking. Or is this really an age old way of operating and not modern at all? Ms. Poznansky is merely saying it likes she sees it. The discerning reader soon realizes a more sinister plot may have taken place as she spurs us on to think outside the box and entertain all kinds of possibilities. I re-iterate that most of us are very familiar with this Bible story about the young boy David...however, I encourage you to read this version of his story. You will get an x-ray view of not only how David's mind possibly worked but also of the way Ms. Poznansky's mind captivatingly works in order to entice her reading audience. She does not leave a stone unturned in this intriguing Biblical story as David narrates his tale with and through the eyes of Ms. Poznansky. Watch David come alive with all his human faults, frailties, and fears as he diligently searches for his path to power. "Life in the shadow of death" it really that exciting after all? You be the judge.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The wind is singing winter blues

The wind is singing winter blues
Whispering with her is my muse
Let these notes take you away
Swifter than a reindeer sleigh 
To distant places, forgotten times
To passion, sorrow, even crimes
You'll cry and laugh, then close the cover
A new world awaits for you to discover

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tonight it's Friday the thirteen

Double, double misfortune, trouble 
Burning coal and blackening rubble
Let the blood in my caldron boil
Feed the flames... Oh, such a toil!
Tonight it's Friday the thirteen
I'm a witch... Boy am I mean!

Listen, dear, no need to fret
And I promise, no regret:
My spellbinding stories, here at last.
Get them now, and do it fast!
Here you'll find hair-raising fun
Stories twisted, stories spun