Thursday, December 26, 2013

It brings me great joy

It brings me great joy to know that many of you have read at least one of my ebooks. If you love reading my stories, please keep in mind that each one of them comes also in a beautiful print edition. Treat your loved one to a gift. Better yet, treat yourself to it! The covers are based on my own paintings, so getting the print edition is the only way to get my art. And when you open the cover, the title font suggests a hand-written scribble written by the king himself... And the first letter of each chapter is flowery, bringing to mind the tradition of old manuscripts.   

★★★★★ Rise to Power 
★★★★★ Apart From Love 
★★★★★ A Favorite Son 
★★★★★ Twisted 
★★★★★ Home 

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