Sunday, December 29, 2013

Join me! Celebrate a new year, a new book

On 12/31, we celebrated a new year, a new book, right here: Rise to Power.

★ Three winners of the Writing Contest have been announced
★ Three of you won a complementary edition of one of my ebooks
★ All this, and more... 

A few of my guests arrived early: Aniruddha Sastikar, his wife Anshu and daughter Chinmayee, Lori R. LopezChristoph FischerMarsha Casper CookBecky L BarkerRenee Pierce WilliamsBrenda PerlinDolores AyotteBarbara SilkstoneBrian M. HaydenAuthor Tom UfertDouglas Wickard
Deborah Brooks Langfordthe slayer of Goliath, and yours truly... It was such a blast! Thank you all!

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