Monday, October 11, 2021

Intense mystery - highly recommended!

 Heartfelt review for Coma Confidential:

Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2021

‘Coma Confidential’ by Uvi Poznansky is the first book in her Ashley Winters series. We meet Ash, the protagonist, in a most unusual way; mentally aware, yet trapped in a comatose body that refuses to respond. Much of the tale is told from Ash’s point of view and for this to work, the author needed to immerse the reader in the sensation of abandonment and helplessness the main character is experiencing as the story unfolds. Apart from a few sensory memories, and knowing she is lying on a hospital bed, Ash cannot recall anything, not even her own name. It precisely through the tactile information her senses provide that author Poznansky draws the reader into this intense mystery. By revealing, step by step, crucial details simultaneously to both the protagonist and the reader, the author not only ramps up the suspense but ensures the reader vicariously lives through Ash’s anxiety and fear as the tale progresses.

To describe the book as a harrowing intimate experience created with sublime skill does not do the author credit. The feeling of vulnerability, of being defenseless, even in the most basic manner of a cry for help, as the protagonist discovers there is a killer nearby who needs to finish the job, grabs the reader and creates a solid bond between them and the helpless young woman resulting in pages turning well into the night.

An awesome read from an outstanding and skilled writer. Highly recommended!

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