Thursday, January 30, 2014

What does she want, come Valentine's day?

What does she want, come Valentine's day?
In cupid's name, what should I say?

She smiles. "Bring me Home, Apart from Love...
Then I'll be yours, like a hand and a glove."

And you say, "Give me A Favorite Son...
Now let's blow off the candles, one by one."

The flame goes out, all Twisted in smoke
Time to come in and take off your cloak.

From poem to animation: Now I Am Paper

I remember: a gentler sound
The forest rustling in the rain
Leaves were swirling all around
I heard soft footsteps up the lane

So starts a poem I wrote, where the narrator is an old tree longing for the little girl who used to climb up his trunk and nestle between his branches. Here are two opposite pages of the book. Then, for each verse, I drew the letters (in perspective) on a 'paper leaf' that floated in a 'puddle' in the top of the left hand side page: 

And here, then, is the animation of all these pages.

The animation of Now I Am Paper took three months for me to complete.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can you feel the sizzle in the air?

Feel the sizzle in the air?
It's not just because of those shapely legs... 

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Great blend of ancient history and genuine character

I am thrilled that my new book, Rise to Power, has just received a lovely review from Sheila Deeth, who is the author of the novel Divide by Zero and other books. With a Masters in mathematics from Cambridge University, England, she is a reviewer for Amazon, Goodreads, Gather and other reading sites. This is what she says:

4.0 out of 5 stars Great blend of ancient history and genuine characterJanuary 29, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Uvi Poznansky’s Rise to Power is a tale of madmen and kings, youth and old age, prison cells and freedom’s ring. It’s drawn from Biblical history, enjoyed through the eyes of modernity, and it vividly recreates character and place as opposed to the more familiar caricature and reverence.
This David’s music affords him rock-star status in court; his imagination offers the surprise of opportunity; and his ambition drives friends, wives and story toward the well-known tale that his well-chosen historians will tell. From the loneliness of historical irony to the lure of significance, the author’s vivid prose blends the haunting tones of harp with harping determination, quoting and personifying the Psalms, offering intriguing answers to history’s queries, and revealing the warrior poet as a master of pithy quotes and political choice. It’s an intriguing tale, told in an intriguing blend of old and new, with the weight of faith and history nicely balanced by the immediate self-centeredness of youth.

Offering a tortuous course in court intrigue, and blending the violence of war with the music of influence, Rise to Power leads the immature and ambitious David to his throne, leaving the door open for growth in more Chronicles to come. I shall eagerly await them.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A diamond short, a decade late

A diamond short, a decade late
I come to stand outside your gate
Unlock and open, let me in
Forgive me, love; what is my sin?
I fled from you across the land
But now I ask you for your hand
A decade late, a diamond short
I can't imagine why you snort
My limbs are frail, my breath is cold
I must admit I may look old
I fall, I kneel, why
I implore

You are the woman I adore
I feel so weak, I feel so brittle
Don't touch! I may be impotent a little
You loved me onceor so I thought
Stop! Take your fingers off my throat

I painted Late Lover from the point of view of the girl he had left behind. She and you, the observer, are one, looking at this flamboyant skeleton. At long last, he claims to be yearning to come back to her. A blue cape is flung around his shoulders, which allows the eye to stay with him, rather than drift off to the background, seen in the spaces between his flimsy ribs. He lays withered flowers at your feet, and the ring being cast off your finger, straight onto his head. The words 'A diamond short, a decade late' are carved into the door frame, perhaps with your fingernails, scratching letter after letter over the long-drawn-out years of waiting, waiting for him in vain... 

Having painted him all day, the voice of Late Lover came to me at night. The next morning I wrote his poem down in a single breath, and never made any corrections, never replaced a word or adjusted the rhythm--because it came to me completely ready.

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"HOME is an invitation, a very personal one, and should not be passed over."
~Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer

David playing David

David George has a deep, resonant voice, pronounced with a regal gravity, the way I have imagined for the role of David in my new novel, Rise to PowerI became curious to learn more about him when I heard that he was born in Acre, Israel, which means that in his childhood he crossed paths with his biblical namesake. He was raised in London from age of five, and is a citizen of the UK, Canada & the US. He is A Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, Composer, Songwriter & Voiceover Actor. 

Here are but a few highlights from his illustrious career. You can see for yourself that the man I chose is as prolific in his talents as my character:
  • David George is a filmmaker and former A&M Canada recording artist. 
  • He is currently working as a lyricist with Grammy nominated Michael Hoppe. "Love Overflows" a new Hoppe/George song will be Featured on the next Michael Hoppe CD out in Spring 2013.
  • Giuditta Scorcelletti (Vocal) and Alessandro Bongi (Guitar) will release a collection of HoppĂ©/George songs in the US later in 2014
  • He is working as a lyricist with Academy Award Winner Yuval Ron (For Syriana)
  • He recorded a variety of character voices for Greystone Productions in Burbank for Mellisa Jo Peltier.
  • He directed, edited & composed music for the documentary film The Battle of Little Sayler's Creek - now available on Also music CD It's a Beautiful World available on CD Baby and Amazon David wrote all the songs, performed, produced and arranged the CD. 
  • He wrote the audio drama Remote Control where he and his brother Brian George (best known as Babu on Seinfeld) starred.
  • He was the Director, Editor, Composer of the feature documentary The Battle of Little Sayler's Creek: Feature Documentary
  • He was the writer, producer, director, composer for Sister Beatrice Explores, a satire based on Sister Wendy Beckett's British series on art
  • He was the director for Dracula Tyrranus: The Tragical History of Vlad the Impaler, at The Globe Playhouse, Los Angeles. LA Weekly: Pick of the week.
  • He was the composer for The Howling IV: Feature Film

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Let me introduce you to my author friends

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Brushes the soul with Brilliance

De Ann Townes Jr. "Native American Girl" as she is known in the world of Poetry is the author of Peer Inside My Soul and See me, and A King Among Prince. Her Poetry has been widely anthologized by The League of American Poets, 2005 Expressions II red book edition. I am thrilled to find her lovely review of my poetry book, Home:

5.0 out of 5 stars Brushes the soul with Brilliance…..January 24, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Home (Kindle Edition)
I was dazed with the beautiful enormity emotions as I read through the pages of this eloquent read. The range in which this read has stretched my heart and soul through an abundant of emotions that have enraptured my mind. I found myself laughing with joy for the wonder of greatness felt. Angry when taken through the edges of selfish irony, and pausing as I try to ascertain the meaning of a secret thought or look upon the face of the individual expressed within a poem or short story being penned. My tears then flowed when I found myself caught up in the agony of the moments within a touching story spoken of through the pages titled “A Heartbeat Reversed”.

I have read work from this author once or twice before, and each time I’m taken in with amazement and my intellect and emotions are further stretched, enlightened and richly nourished. Author Uvi Poznansky has an amazing and brilliant way of taking you within a world through the pages of her novels that touches heritage, poetic prose, artistic creativity and talented writing.
Once again I am in awe as I am also equally saddened to have completed another truly touching read by this author. Only because reading for the first time gives you a special something that can never be a first again, but I have definitely been embraced and overwhelmed to the point that I will be picking it up again. Hoping to capture the feelings I felt once more…… Absolutely 5 Stars!!! (WaAr) (Read 2 de Enero/January 2014.)

Read and Reviewed by: De Ann “Native” Townes Jr. Author of “Peer Inside My Soul and See Me” and “A King Among Prince”

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I am here with her, yet this chill is meant for me alone

"I am here with her, yet this chill is meant for me alone.
I hold my breath until she lulls herself back to sleep. Faint shadows start dancing on the wall. I read the shapes, trying to invent someone, a listener. 
I whisper, Come in... Call me insane, who cares? Who the hell cares if you refuse to trust me, if you insist on clinging to your kind of reality, which is as dull as it is solid... Mine, I insist, is not a dream. 
But even if it is... Even so, it is true! How can you deny it? Here is my story. I am opening it up to you. 
I can see why at first glance what you see here—these letters which I jotted here, on these papyrus rolls—may seem scattered, even scary. I understand why you step back from my door, why you look over your shoulder to find the guard... 
Come in! Will you? Will you read these scribblings? Can you see my sword, which I have drawn here, look! Can you see it the way I do, lifting out of the ink and into the air, turning magically over, around and around, right here in the center of the space? 
If you can, then—by the flash of it—I shall take you along, to leap with me into the surface of the steely thing. Down into its depths. Into my reflection."

My clay sculpture, untitled

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am in awe!

Wanda "Panda" Hartzenberg is a top rated reviewer, and the author of a new book, The Struggle of Me. She ranks #2 top readers#11 best reviewers , #1 top reviewers on Goodreads. So I am deeply honored that she posted this review, on Amazon and Goodreads, for my novel Apart From Love:

5.0 out of 5 stars I am in awe!January 22, 2014
Wanda "Wandah Panda" (Pretoria, South Africa) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Apart From Love (Paperback)
Apart From Love by Uvi Poznansky

Literary fiction at it's best.
This is not an easy read, nor a fast one. The reader is immersed in the life and love of a complicated family. The plot is complicated. The theme is one of perspective and in this lies part of the beauty of this novel. The readers perception is formed from multiple point of views. As soon as one perception is formed another take on the reality that is displayed is introduced.

The above is nice extra topping on literally poetry in motion. The authors ability to economically use words in a fluid descriptive manner is akin to see a master painter start a work of genius on a blank canvas. By the end of the process the observer is left stunned and awed.

I know this for this is the effect this book had on me. With almost every known emotion exploited and turned topsy- turvy, I stand in awe.