Friday, January 17, 2014

Engrossing, Perceptive Introspection of an Iconic Figure

Linda Hays-Gibbs, the author of Married by Morning and Angle in My Heart, Devil in My Soul (and many other books) has been writing poetry and Fantasy all her life but always wanted to write romance novels, especially Regency Romance. I am thrilled that she posted this review for my book, Rise to Power:

5.0 out of 5 stars Engrossing, Perceptive Introspection of an Iconic Figure,January 15, 2014
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This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
Title: Rise to Power, The Chronicles of David's Life
Author: Uvi Poznansky
Genre: Historical Religious Fantasy
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs

Engrossing, Perceptive, and Introspective

This exceptional story opens at the end of David's life, when he is old and feeble. He is feeling he is a lunatic like Saul was. He is trying to put his life into some semblance of order and wants his legacy to be written down in his own memoirs. David is old, sick and feeling totally alone. He realizes that a crown is just a symbol of being a king and a kingdom is held by strength and powers which he thinks he has lost.
Then the author takes you back to David's youth and how he felt when he first met Saul. It lets you see the insanity of Saul's reign. David is a child dodging spears from an insane King that believes David covets his throne.
You hear David's thoughts as he wants to be a king and he memorizes every aspect of Saul's rule. David even chastises himself for coveting the kingdom of Saul.
These are deep introspections of his whole life, goals, and motives. It us an inspiring perspective of the heart of a child. a poet, a shepard, a musician, a soldier, a fugitive, a killer and a king. It is so engrossing and and personable. A very different glimpse into what David's whole life could have felt like. His emotions, his mind and his life is laid bare.
This is a refreshing viewpoint and a deeply poetic endeavor.
I was inspired and captive by the author's incredible poetic license and inspired by her revelations into David's life.
I enjoyed it and look forward to her future works.
I gave her Five Stars for her ingenuity and introspection with exceptional probing into this iconic historical figure.
It was just wonderful to see David as a person with all his trials and successes and even failures expressed so succinctly.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

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