Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Amos Lassen reviews Rise to Power

Amos Lassen posts his reviews his own highly ranked blog. With his deep knowledge of biblical studies, I am deeply honored that he posted a review of my book, Rise to Power.

This is how he opens his in-depth review: "The Hebrew Bible or what many refer to as the Old Testament is a treasure house of stories albeit incomplete ones. It is a great place to look for ideas and it allows for additions and subtractions. The characters are true dysfunctional people but they have a job to do—to teach us to lead moral and good lives. I have always considered King David to be one of the largest enigmas in the Bible—he did what he wanted, when he wanted and God continued to love him regardless. Of course, we have never had the whole story and much of what we do have is commentary—probably because it is difficult to consider what is written in the Bible to be factual. 

Now we have Uvi Poznansky who gives us the story of David differently than ever before..."

To read the review in its entirety click Reviews by Amos Lassen: Rise to Power 

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