Tuesday, January 28, 2014

David playing David

David George has a deep, resonant voice, pronounced with a regal gravity, the way I have imagined for the role of David in my new novel, Rise to PowerI became curious to learn more about him when I heard that he was born in Acre, Israel, which means that in his childhood he crossed paths with his biblical namesake. He was raised in London from age of five, and is a citizen of the UK, Canada & the US. He is A Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, Composer, Songwriter & Voiceover Actor. 

Here are but a few highlights from his illustrious career. You can see for yourself that the man I chose is as prolific in his talents as my character:
  • David George is a filmmaker and former A&M Canada recording artist. 
  • He is currently working as a lyricist with Grammy nominated Michael Hoppe. "Love Overflows" a new Hoppe/George song will be Featured on the next Michael Hoppe CD out in Spring 2013.
  • Giuditta Scorcelletti (Vocal) and Alessandro Bongi (Guitar) will release a collection of Hopp√©/George songs in the US later in 2014
  • He is working as a lyricist with Academy Award Winner Yuval Ron (For Syriana)
  • He recorded a variety of character voices for Greystone Productions in Burbank for Mellisa Jo Peltier.
  • He directed, edited & composed music for the documentary film The Battle of Little Sayler's Creek - now available on Amazon.com. Also music CD It's a Beautiful World available on CD Baby and Amazon David wrote all the songs, performed, produced and arranged the CD. 
  • He wrote the audio drama Remote Control where he and his brother Brian George (best known as Babu on Seinfeld) starred.
  • He was the Director, Editor, Composer of the feature documentary The Battle of Little Sayler's Creek: Feature Documentary
  • He was the writer, producer, director, composer for Sister Beatrice Explores, a satire based on Sister Wendy Beckett's British series on art
  • He was the director for Dracula Tyrranus: The Tragical History of Vlad the Impaler, at The Globe Playhouse, Los Angeles. LA Weekly: Pick of the week.
  • He was the composer for The Howling IV: Feature Film

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