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King David's "path to power"

Wow--I am so glad for this review for my new book, Rise to Power! Written by Dolores Ayotte, author of A Woman's Voice (and other self-help books) who is a great inspirational writer and one of the best reviewers on Amazon:
5.0 out of 5 stars King David's "path to power"... December 13, 2013
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Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) by Author Uvi Poznansky

David, the would-be king, is playing his lyre in an audition before the mad King Saul...or is he really mad at all? The popular story of the young boy David slaying the giant Goliath comes to life with a unique and somewhat macabre twist in this familiar old Bible story.

Gifted Author Uvi Poznansky is up to her usual finesse of taking a well-known Bible story and giving it a modern day perspective. Trust me...she does a darn good job of it! The Prologue actually explains where King David ends up. In essence...the beginning of the novel finds David a prisoner of sorts...actually a prisoner of his impotent self. David now has the occasion to reflect on his past life and he has every desire to share his story. In this fictional novel, David is speaking in the first person and is the narrator of his own past history and the events leading up to his present situation. The reader is then taken back in time with David to hear firsthand how this supposedly humble and simple boy started out.

By his own admittance, he is not so innocent after all. Even though he has many brothers, he is to be King Saul's successor...hand selected by old Samuel the "king-maker...the one who anointed Saul all these years ago". In this provocative story, David definitely appears to be far more ambitious than one would have initially imagined and his "rise to power" more calculated and well-thought out than first perceived. However, King Saul is no fool and deep down he has his misgivings about David. Therefore, even in his madness, he looks for his enemy. Is it David? Jealousy of a potential rival has endless and brutal possibilities.

In one of her previous novels, A Favorite Son... Ms. Poznansky utilizes the same technique now found in "Rise to Power (The David Chronicles)". She once again creatively and adeptly gets into the head of a familiar Bible character, and then subsequently brings him into the twenty-first century. In doing so, she manages to take her readers with her and they too are exposed to a vast array of human emotions, some more positive than others. One readily sees the ambition and calculative motives of the players and the ends they will go to achieve their own goals no matter the consequences or who they may cross in the process.

The setting in this book is in the appropriate Biblical era but the characters have what appears to be a more modern day method of thinking. Or is this really an age old way of operating and not modern at all? Ms. Poznansky is merely saying it likes she sees it. The discerning reader soon realizes a more sinister plot may have taken place as she spurs us on to think outside the box and entertain all kinds of possibilities. I re-iterate that most of us are very familiar with this Bible story about the young boy David...however, I encourage you to read this version of his story. You will get an x-ray view of not only how David's mind possibly worked but also of the way Ms. Poznansky's mind captivatingly works in order to entice her reading audience. She does not leave a stone unturned in this intriguing Biblical story as David narrates his tale with and through the eyes of Ms. Poznansky. Watch David come alive with all his human faults, frailties, and fears as he diligently searches for his path to power. "Life in the shadow of death" it really that exciting after all? You be the judge.

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