Saturday, November 3, 2012

A fin, a flap, a froth of waves

A fin, a flap, a  froth of waves
The breaker rises, then it caves
The boat will sink and so will I
No one around to hear my cry
Food flakes afloat, the flick of tails
I pray for wind to fill my sails
I pray that I may stay the course
And ride the wave, or maybe force
My way deep down under the tide  
So I may flee, so I may hide
In Jaffa bay, or in Tarshish
And not be swallowed by a fish

This is a mixed-media painting with a few collaged pieces
which I finished off with acrylic paint.
I cannot even tell you what it means to me, it is quite nonsensical, which I find freeing.
Just because!


  1. I find it to be quite fanciful, pleasing and playful.

    1. Just the spirit in which it was created! Thank you Lisa

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you dear Shyam! You might have noticed this: the poem (and the painting) has echoes from the Book of Jonah...

  3. Fun piece! Found you on Twitter. Glad we connected. Peace!!

    1. So true, I had great fun with it! Thank you Daniel :)

  4. I love the vivid colors in your artwork! And your poem is charming and descriptive :) Fantastic!

  5. posted review for "Edge." Sorry it took so long.

    Bill Cronin