Friday, January 25, 2013

A Love Poem: She and I

Written by my father

Translated by me

I'm dying to sleep, but oh

She's eager to get going

All because of a little window
And tempers that are blowing

I close it gingerly
So she demands it open
I want to sleep, but woefully
She'll shake it till it's broken

She longs for flowers
And I—for chocolate
She wants adventure at all hours
While I dream only ‘bout my ballad

I want the window closed
And she prefers it open
She hates that I have snored
In concerts, and never woken

She deserves dresses galore
And a burning passion
Yet I have only two loves, no more:
My homeland and my nation

Two loves that I adore
Are me, and you with a bouquet 
And one more
The Sabbath day.

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