Friday, February 15, 2013

The Man Behind Ben's Voice

Today I would like to introduce the voice artist of The White PianoTake a listen to his voice, and you too would feel like cuddling in bed with the book, or perhaps with Ben, the character he plays. Which is why I thought that his name must have been misspelled: David Kudler. He is lyrical, intelligent, literate, capable of multiple accents and ages for the characters. So in my novel, he becomes not only Ben (at the age of twenty-seven and at the age of twelve) but also his father Lenny, the bumbling lawyer, Mr. Bliss, and aunt Hadassa as well! 

David has been a voice and stage actor (AEA, SAG-AFTRA), a writer, and a book editor for over twenty years. Since 1999, he has been in charge of publications for the Joseph Campbell Foundation. Based on this experience, he added the titles of ebook designer and audio producer to his shingle. As a narrator, he has a warm, versatile voice, and a great ear for character and dialect. He loves bringing multiple characters to life at the same time. Here is what he says about himself:

"Though I'd done plenty of voice-over work, it wasn't until I was creating an ebook of my own children's story The Seven Gods of Luck and was producing a read-aloud track that it occurred to me: I've got all of the skills and facilities to create professional, high-quality audiobooks."

The first book he narrated for me was A Favorite Son. By the time he finished it I was so taken by his voice--correction, his voices--as to write this Ode to the great Kudler:

Springing out of my mind, out of this cage
His words but a whisper, right here on this page
Jacob trembles in shame--not because of his sin 
But because he wears nothing but a sleeve of goatskin 

Lonely and naked, how can he rejoice
Wishing to be wrapped by the warmth of voice
While back in the camp, Eliezer the butler
Croaks out of the throat of the Great Kuddler

Oh please, trust me now, this is no spelling mistake
For his voice can cuddle--but it can also shake
Yes, Kuddler lets you hear the subtle clipclop
Of a camel approaching, Becky perched at the top

And so at long last, by hook and by crook
Jacob speaks loud and clear in this audiobook

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  1. Thanks Uvi for sharing this account of yours, and with us all. I am in the process of writing my very first Novel, and onto the hubpages network. I to feel that I have the skills to do so, and to be able to complete it with great quality and aestetic value as well.

    I commend you on your efforts you've been making today both on the ground and online. It's tough for any of us singularly to gain the recognition we are due to receive, but in any event I will do my best to share your location here and to help spread the word of your creative talents.

    Bravo! and please do keep up the awesome intensive momentum you've been building up over all these years.

    1. Thank you so much Mike for your warmhearted comments, they mean a lot to me! And I wish you the best in your writing, this is such an exciting time when the characters play themselves out in the author's mind... Have great fun with it!