Saturday, June 29, 2013

In a dark night with not a friend

Poem by my father

Translated from Hebrew by me

In a dark night with not a friend
I walked all alone in the world
A splitting burst of thunder I heard
And sea breakers that hammered and curled.

A thunder rolled over the skies
Wind gusts battered me with a cry
Terror blinded my eyes
I couldn’t tell an enemy from an ally.

In a night with not a friend, all bleary
I could see no shelter around
I walked on, broken and weary
Searching for hope to be found

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"HOME is an invitation, a very personal one, and should not be passed over"


  1. Great Poem, and it is so special that it is written by a father and translated by a daughter

    1. Aw... Thank you so much Catalina! This is what this book, home, is about--a tribute for my father, which includes his work and mine

  2. The words are flowing slightly as a river...Congratulations...