Friday, May 9, 2014

Missing her when she's gone

"A week drags by—seven sleepless nights—during which I find myself missing my ma so much that it hurts, because now that the little one is finally here, I don’t even get how she did it, like, how she managed to take care of me all these years, all on her own. No wonder she ended up being grumpy, which is one thing I’d rather forget." 

Being resourceful, Anita is strong enough to survive all odds, but somehow, becoming a mother makes her realize how much she misses her mother. Here is my Mother and Child piece, which you may have seen from a different angle in an earlier post, A Mother's Lullaby.

★ Love reading? Treat yourself to a family drama ★

"The author did an amazing job of telling a complex story of love, deception, anger, passion"

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