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Full of Passion! I Loved it!

In her blog, Book Reader's Heaven, Glenda A. Bixler blogs about Books, Reviews, Authors, Publicity, Tips, short stories, essays...a little poetry, a cat story or two, thoughts on music, movies and products selections. I am thrilled to find her review of Twisted:

5.0 out of 5 stars Full of Passion! I Loved it!October 3, 2014
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This review is from: Twisted (Kindle Edition)
And his wife said to him, Do you still hold to your in
tegrity? Curse God and die! Job 2:9.... A face has been given to her by many over the thousands of years that the story has been told, but...what was her name? Don't take too long to try to remember, because she never was named! Job was certainly identified and even picked out by God to show that his faith was great! But what of his wife?

Uvi Poznansky has created a collection of her shorter stories, Twisted, that will provide readers with a tale of horror for the woman who told Job to curse God... Whether or not it has any element of possible truth for this unnamed woman, it certainly points readers in a direction toward which they have never gone... Did she love Job? Feared for his life? Or was she concerned about financial support if her husband were to die? Or, perhaps, she may have been jealous of his devotion to God rather than to her and his family... She forces each woman to consider--what would I have done???

The cover of this book is so very intriguing that I find that I must begin right here. In her book she has a separate section on how her art is intertwined with her writing. This cover, to me, is a perfect example... She shares how she created it and I found that this was just as important part of the book as was the stories themselves... Intriguing...

The story begins as we find the woman without a name in a cave, afraid, wondering what was to happen to her. Did she even remember what her name was? But then she hears a discussion, really an argument. It's about her! When it grows silent again, she begins to crawl slowly out of her hiding place... She crawls until she begins to see what appears to be familiar. It looks like where she had lived--Uz--and she remembers the people and places from her life at that time...

She could hear cries, some mournful, but even then, they, too, slipped away. She had not been mourned very long... Even Job had spent little time, spouting His usual words. Always about himself!...Readers will discover what happens as Job's wife roams through... Hell...

"The Hollow" comes next as a woman faces the death of her husband and lives in the nightmare of that loss.... Sometimes, I imagine, she even wants to accompany him--she feels so greatly. Even considering to go through a doorway, she imagines that there is no floor beyond the opening... and remembers how he died... She had tried to forget--the memories, their love, their life together. But that morning, she had found her diary. Opened... How had that happened? And Why?

"I, Woman" quickly tells you more about the story, when a sub-title is added-- As told by a has-been slab of clay! You know, one of my immediate reactions was that it was a perfect description for... ME Do we reach a point in life when we consider ourselves as a has-been. Certainly we do... but when, and how... I thought, was the issue, don't you think? Yes, it seems like my first inclination might be true...but then...the story, as predicted, becomes twisted...

The last piece, Dust, is more that a story and can only be appreciated by sharing at least one of the sculptures behind the words... or at least the first line...From dust you gather me

I move through Poznansky's words... Does she write of agape love, philia, or eros in portraying such beauty... I arrive at only one word to describe my feelings about her work. It is Passionate! And I find there is no other word than I can use to describe my response to what she has presented to us in Twisted.

This is a book that drains your emotions... There will be confusion, pain, dread and fear, but there is also warmth, understanding, contemplation, and so much love... Uvi has spoken to me in this book. It is the first book of hers I've had a chance to read. From this one, however, I feel I have known her, the total Uvi Poznansky. Many will know her online for the kind, gentle, thankful person we've learn to care for... But, this, this, has shared her heart with me--with her readers. Could we think of these things she has twisted for us to consider if Uvi had not first considered them herself?

It is obvious in her work that she wants to share with women, but, then, in I, Woman, she speaks to man like no other may have ever spoke... I am held captive, pondering over and over what she may have wanted her readers to find in her work... As opposed to what I have found there. I find it doesn't matter. Uvi has touched me. I am grateful...


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