Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cover reveal for At Odds with Destiny

Tadah! Here is a new cover for At Odds with Destiny, a boxed set of four novels by three wonderful writers and me. Had a blast designing this cover, because of this regal red, that appears in folds of the dress and in the headboard, and because of this 'in your face' direct look in the eyes of this striking girl. She makes me think, is she destiny and you are at odds with her, or is she facing destiny and rebels against her own fate?

I created the title so the last letter brushes against the hair of the girl. I arranged the authors names against the red headboard, making sure not to obscure her hand, which is a detail I loved painting. Then I colored the text, both the title and the authors' names, so that it seems metallic and shines diagonally, as if responding to a ray of light.

I created a reflected image, for use when constructing the box and its reflection. 

I created the spines of the four books, adding a 'medallion' which depicts a detail from the original cover of each one.

Finally, it all came together:

Let in the dog and let out the cat, for this box holds dangers of the most rarefied kind!

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At Odds with Destiny
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  1. Uvi, this cover is just gorgeous. I'm so proud of you and excited for us!

    1. Oh me too, Aaron (the 'excited for us' part... lol)