Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Beautiful Love Story

A beautiful review by Regina of my WWII romance novel, Dancing with Air:

on August 19, 2016
Love is the beautiful thread that weaves Lenny and Natasha lives together.

Dancing With Air is a lovely story set in a very unlovely era – WWII. Bad things are happening all around Lenny and Natasha and somehow their love finds a way to thrive in spite of it all. Bombs are falling, danger lurks around every corner and let’s not forget Natasha’s mother – someone very determined to keep them apart.

This book has a wonderful mixture of what Lenny and Natasha’s lives were like back when they were falling in love and the present time, as Lenny tries to deal with his wife’s frightening disease – Alzheimer’s. As the reader we want everything to be okay for both Lenny and Natasha
but know it probably won’t be.

Dancing With Air is a rollercoaster ride of joy and sorrow- such a beautiful experience.

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