Wednesday, February 1, 2017

She was fairly certain he wanted to kiss her

Charlie pulled on the reins and they stopped. “I have an aunt and uncle who live in Nashville. If you don’t have anywhere else, maybe you could stay with them. There’s nothing worse than being alone in a strange city.”
Sarah again turned to face him, two thoughts fighting within her for dominion. One was telling her to go for it, the other trying to sucker punch the idea. “We just met. I could be a serial killer or something. Maybe you need to get to know me before you go offering to foist me on your family.”
He tugged on her ponytail. “So, if you’re a serial killer, you’ll tell me before I ask my aunt if you can stay at her place? Either you’re not a very bright serial killer or you’re not one at all.”
Sarah laughed at his comical expression and then wiped a snowflake from the end of his nose. A jolt of heat shot straight from her fingertips to her stomach when he leaned in to her touch. She tucked her hand into her coat pocket and cleared her throat. “So I’m not a serial killer, but I could be. You never know about people.”
The moment she leaned back, Charlie pressed closer. “Okay. Maybe you’re right. Why don’t we meet every afternoon for a horse ride? I can get to know you then, and I bet by the time I leave, I’ll know one way or the other.” He swept his arm out to encompass the dense forest surrounding them. “And you couldn’t ask for a better place to hide a body.”
Sarah grinned in spite of the morbid idea because, whilst his words said one thing, his face said something else entirely. She was fairly certain he wanted to kiss her. She forced herself to look anywhere but his lips because she really wanted nothing more than that very same thing herself. “So now maybe I should be the one concerned about your intentions.”
Charlie placed a brotherly kiss on the end of her nose and shrugged. “So, maybe you should.”

Excerpt from Love in Times of War

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