Friday, February 17, 2017

Was he going to kiss her?

When she and Zach reached up at the same time, to grab a handful of prepackaged ornaments, Beth found herself nearly wrapped within his arms. And there it was again, Beth thought, when she searched Zach’s eyes. 
She held her breath. Was he going to kiss her?
Zach broke the spell when he abruptly pulled away. “Sorry.” Kyle was beginning to wander down the next aisle, and Zach scrambled to catch up with him.
Why was she suddenly feeling so disappointed? She barely knew the guy, Beth admitted to herself, halfheartedly. After counting out a half a dozen ornaments, she took in a shaky breath, before strolling over to where Kyle and Zach stood waiting near the checkout counter.
Before long, they were back on the road, with the radio switched onto a channel exclusively featuring Christmas music.

Excerpt from Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson
Included in Love in Times of War

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  1. Thank you so much Uvi for sharing Two Hearts Unspoken!!