Friday, April 14, 2017

Hey, stop flirting with my girl

Entering the kitchen from the garage, Tammy smelled something delicious. “Hey, Tammy, welcome home.” Lex’s smile was electric.
“Hi, Lex. Wow, you look happy.” Tammy returned his smile with a brilliant one of her own.
“Hey, stop flirting with my girl.” Danny walked into the kitchen wearing jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, the ridges and planes of his muscles shown easily through the soft gray material. Sexy.
He walked straight to Tammy and wrapped her in his arms. He nuzzled his nose into her hair and breathed in deeply. She felt his heart beating strongly against her cheek and she closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax. This. Is. Where. She. Wanted. To. Always. Be.
Danny felt a shiver run through Tammy’s body and he squeezed. He knew she'd been having a rough time of it lately. His guilt that he'd been enjoying his friends visiting and failed to see all that she'd been going through made him feel stupid. Sucky boyfriend he was. He needed to start thinking like a teammate and less like an individual, because, he wanted Tammy here with him.
Pulling back, he looked into her eyes. “Wine?”
Her full lips spread into the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen. “Yes, please.”

Excerpt from Love in Times of War

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"This anthology consists of twelve wonderful stories with the inherent theme of love and war contained in them. Out of the twelve authors, Uvi Poznansky is the only one that I was familiar with previously. So, in addition to becoming acquainted with new authors in this set, my 'to be read' pile has grown considerably. That is not a bad thing with the wind chill of a minus 10 as I write this review!!" 


  1. I've read this book before so I know how good it is. Really liked the author's one. Word. Per. Sentence. Great technique!!