Monday, June 26, 2017

The story of rape and murder during the King David era

Richard Cesar, the author of In the Robes of God (and other books) has been lucky enough to have traveled a bit more than most. In my journeys, I have been gifted with exposure to multiple cultures and wonderfully diverse points of view. In my writings I endeavor to extract the emotions from those experiences and set them to print. . I am thrilled to find his review of Inspired by Art: The Edge of Revolt:

on June 24, 2017
An amazing assemblage of art by the great masters. But this is much more than a collection of images. It is the story of rape and murder during the King David era. Varying points of view are carefully sewn together in a cohesive artistic narrative. Through a diverse set of mediums, from etchings to oil-on-canvas, Ms Poznansky takes us by the hand and walks us though the pain and exaltation.

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