Sunday, July 9, 2017

Entertaining Novel Is a Symphony of Words

I am delighted to find this beautiful review, written by a Top 100 Amazon Reviewer, for my WWII romance novel, The Music of Us:

TOP 100 REVIEWERon July 9, 2017
Words can be melodic, and author Uvi Poznansky’s book at times reads like a symphony. This is the music of love, elegantly written with an essence of bittersweet romance. It is a celebration of the wonderful feelings people experience during the early days of getting to know each other, written in the heartbreak and shadows of later years.

The book does end abruptly, with the specter of uncertainty hovering above Lenny and Natasha as they deal with the possibility of her illness (this is revealed in the beginning of the story). I am not a fan of continued stories, but I must add that the author’s focus was on the story of the pair’s romance before marriage. As Ms. Poznansky successfully described that period in full, this book should be regarded as complete.

As a warning to those who read this book and wish to read the next offering, stop reading when you reach the words “Continued with Dancing With Air, Volume IV of Still Life With Memories.” If you read further, you will find spoilers that will reveal information about the previous as well as the upcoming books.

Though this is not a genre I usually read, I was captivated by the excellence of the prose and the presentation of the story. While a romance novel, there is no in-your-face sex or objectionable language to get in the way of what is a wonderful story relating the growth of love between two people. Five stars.

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