Monday, August 28, 2017

Love and War

John Holland is a poet, writing about life and the question of where we fit into an uncertain universe. He has a lovely blog featuring his poetry and authors he enjoys. I am thrilled to find his review of my WWII spy thriller, Marriage before Death:

on August 28, 2017
This is another satisfying story from the gifted pen of Uvi Poznansky. This is essentially a WW11 spy thriller, but also a love story.
The love between Lenny and Natasha takes place amidst the chaotic violence of war and intrigue.
Written with maturity and clarity and coloured with deft imagery, this story takes us deep into a place where love struggles to survive the circumstances around it.
Ms Poznansky displays a firm knowledge of time and place and has the ability to take the reader with her on her story. You feel you are there and witnessing the events first hand.
I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves a well written and authentic feeling story. I would not tie it to one particular genre. It is at once a WW11 spy thriller and a love story. There is an underlying psychological element as well.
It is a pleasure to read.

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