Friday, October 27, 2017

Listen to my father's last poems: in his own words

I made new friends in my recent trip to South Africa, and since they are all Israelis, I felt regret that I could not share with them my father's last poems in Hebrew.

I discovered these poems when during the Shivaa (the traditional mourning period after his passing.) Six years later, I published a selection of his work in the original language. For some obscure technical reasons between the publisher and Amazon, I had to remove the book from publication.

Until now.

For a very exclusive group of people among you--Hebrew readers who like poetry, especially if it's poetry that makes grown men cry--I have a unique surprise:

My father last poems can now be read in the original language. The Kindle book is already available, other ebook formats will be soon to follow, and the paperback edition is coming soon. 

Get both Home and בית so you can compare the original of this heart-rending poetry with its translation.

I am looking forward to sharing a few poems in both languages with you on this blog. Please stay tuned... Meanwhile, here is the book description for בית:

ספר זה מכיל קובץ של שירים בשפת המקור, מפרי עטו של המשורר, הסופר והאמן זאב כחל. השירים נכתבו בערוב ימיו ונתגלו על ידי בתו, אובי פוזננסקי, בזמן השבעה. שש שנים מאוחר יותר, היא תרגמה את הקובץ לאנגלית ופרסמה אותו, יחד עם מבחר משיריה:

בית. מילה פשוטה. מילה בעלת משמעויות מורכבות. מילה של לחש, מילה של זעקה. מילה של געגועים למקום מושלם, מקום שלעולם לא נמצאנו שוב.

★ Inspired by poetry? Treat yourself a gift ★

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Paperback: Amazon ★ Barnes&Noble

"This radiant book is an exploration of the bond between a daughter and father and the book overflows with some of the most eloquent poetic moments in print. HOME is an invitation, a very personal one, and should not be passed over."
-Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer

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