Saturday, January 20, 2018

Romance in WWII London

Just discovered this great review for the audiobook edition of my love story set in WWII London, Dancing with Air:

Aurora Dawn

Listener Since 2013

"Romance in WWII London"
A man whose beloved wife is suffering from dementia remembers their youth together in WWII London. A sweet, beautiful and ultimately sad story about love and war. I loved the always pragmatic Lenny and the quirky,artsy Natasha, the gentle love that developed between them and the sense of innocence in the midst of one of the most brutal and horrible moments of the recent past.
I enjoyed the narrator's style, even his sometimes off-key singing of the songs that coloured life in the 1940s and even the slightly odd voicing of Natasha
A wonderful story, well worth reading .. over and over.

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