Monday, July 30, 2018

A deftly written tale that stays with you

Just found this lovely review of my WWII Romantic Suspense novel, Dancing with Air:

on July 28, 2018
Dancing with Air is a story of deep and abiding love between Lenny and Natasha. While it opens with a challenge this couple faces late in life, we get to start at the beginning. Their love unfolds at a languid pace that poses a stark contrast to the jarring cadence of a world at war. So much is beyond their control as these young lovers are swept away by romance and duty.

Set in Britain during World War II, Lenny and Natasha's story is skillfully interwoven with historical events and provides a vivid representation of life in a dangerously unpredictable world. Told in a lyrical, highly visual style, we're transported back in time. The characters are well-developed, nuanced, and the range of emotions they display is done with tenderness and depth. That's particularly true when Lenny and Natasha are much older and must confront and challenge the boundaries that test the bond between soulmates. I hope you'll read this deftly-written tale that will stay with you long after you finish reading the 

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