Monday, October 22, 2018

Move and you’re dead

Part of Emily craved the suspense, the thrill of being thrust into the middle of a real-life murder mystery. The intensity drew her in, displacing her grief and allowing her to push reality into the corners of her mind where the need to deal with Alyssa’s death silently slept. But now, as she hovered alone in this sterile cold hospital room, she smelled the stench of death slithering around her.
Shivering, she buried her head into the tear-dampened pillow. Memories fluttered through her mind, mingling with visions and haunted by dreams. She barely heard the nurse enter her room then fiddle with the machines monitoring her vital signs, and she hoped they wouldn’t disturb the ghosts vying for her attention.
When the door slammed open Emily jerked forward, her back ridged.
Ash stood at the entrance, legs splayed and pistol drawn, pointing directly at her.
Frozen in place, she tried to speak but nothing came out. She glared, pulse racing, as her thoughts spun to make sense of what her heart told her couldn’t be true.
“Move and you’re dead.”

Excerpt from Reign of Fire
By Casi McClean

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