Monday, November 5, 2018

My heart went into overdrive until I talked it back

Chaos reigned. More men were fleeing the compound than were rushing inside. I rushed forward, but based on my mental picture of the basic layout and the smell of gas in the air, I guessed the explosion came from the kitchen at the back of the main house. If I remembered correctly, there was a service entrance there for food and supply delivery. God bless, Bella mia.
I veered away from the front door and ran toward the side of the house and hoped to hell I could make it to the back service entrance without anyone stopping me—and without anyone following me. Because there was a damn good chance I’d find Isabella there. Somewhere. Maybe driving a truck escaping down the service driveway to freedom.
That was the best-case scenario and when I rounded the corner, staying away from the hot burning building, I realized she would be lucky if she got out. The back wall where I swore the kitchen would have been according to the plans I saw, had been blown to bits. Fire and rubble filled my vision and my heart went into overdrive until I talked it back, remembered the mantra, the training to keep a cool head when everything around you was going to hell.
Men were shouting, wielding weapons. I lifted mine in case anyone got any ideas. Then I heard the cracking sound. Ammunition. The fire had gotten to an ammunition store.

Excerpt from Ace Under Fire
By Stephanie Queen

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