Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why I Did It

A great review of my novel, A Favorite Son, from Aurora Dawn:

December 29, 2018
In this story, Poznansky tackles the biblical story of Issac's sons in the form of a frank, first person recollection on the event from a much older Yankle (Jacob). The author expertly portrays a dysfunctional family where the bitter rivalry between a pair of twins and their parents favoritism is so great that we can easily believe and even sympathize with Yankle's plotting to steal his brother's birthright by deceiving his dying father.
Like so much of the Old Testament, this is a story of brutal people who were jealous, conniving and dishonest (and those were the good guys), but in this version of the story, told in modern, colloquial language, we are given insights that helps us to imagine what it might have been like to have been that younger brother and just how the events that are laid out in the Bible as facts, without much explanation, might have come to happen.
Poznansky's stories are always a delight to experience, whether in the written or the audio versions and this one, though a little shorter than most, was no less of a magical journey into a magical past.

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