Saturday, October 5, 2019

Curiosity Killed the Cat. Will it kill Ash too?

B.J. Robinson is Top 100 Amazon Bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author with four traditionally published novels as well as independently published short stories, novellas, and novels. River Oaks Plantation, her first full-length indie, has been on Amazon's bestselling Christian historical novel list as well as the Civil War list. River Oaks Plantation won an Indie Award and was a top three finalist in the Grace Awards for 2013 in the historical romance category.

I am thrilled to find her review of my medical thriller, Overdose:
October 3, 2019
This is my favorite medical thriller out of the series. Dr. Patel takes an interest in Ash and spies on her through a device he implants below her ear. Once I started reading it, I finished it in one day because I couldn't wait to see who the true owner of the pink cell phone was and why it was worth a waitress getting shot over. Ash's boyfriend, Michael, helps her remove the implant, but Dr. Patel's reaction turns him into a murderous rage when he discovers it. What truly happened to Dr. Patel's wife? Can Ash survive her curiosity this time? When Dr. Patel meets her mother and father and starts messing with her dad, he's not only messing with her life, but also her father's. Ash doesn't take kindly to that. He's gone too far. If you enjoy medical thrillers, don't miss this one. It is five stars all the way with twists and turns that will surprise you. Author BJ Robinson, Author of The Azalea Plantation Series and other books

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