Thursday, September 1, 2022

A curling effect for each petal of my clover flower

I'm working on a flower arrangement made of giant paper clover flowers, which I design in different sizes for fun and variety. I received many requests to share the process. So here are a few highlights. Each flower is made from a layering of the same 8-petal cutout. I use a crayon to paint the center, then smoosh it with my finger so the color bleeds into the petals.

Then I lay the petal on a sponge bed and press into it with a wooden tool. In fact, any tool will do, fo example the dull edge of a kitchen knife. It creates a curling effect for each petal and enhances the ripple along its outer edges.

The first layer is 8 petals. For the second layer, I glue one of the petals onto another so as to create a 7-petal layer. For the next layer, a 6-layer petal and so on, until the top layer is just two petals curled into each other.

When all the layers are ready, I insert a wire through all of them in order and use it as a flower stem. 


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